CD Review: SS-Kaliert “Subzero”

People Like You Records/Century Media
Tracks: 13

Our Score:  3.5 out of 5

“Subzero” is the 3rd full length album by German hardcore/punk band SS-Kaliert. “Subzero” is the first release by the band via People Like You Records and the follow up album to the bands 2008 release titled “Addiction” (razorblade Music). “Subzero” features a new SS-Kaliert line up which sees Moritz taking over the bass playing duties for former member Nils who left the band for personal reason in April of 2011.

“Subzero” is tinged with early 80’s punk styling’s and the album has is very straight forward in its approach. With the exception of a few vocal over dubs the album is very stripped down and clean or dirty depending on how you want to look at it. Each track on “Subzero” is in your face and for the old school punkers out there who had long retired their leather jacket and Doc Martens this album may have them thinking about knocking the dust off and coming out of retirement for one more spit filled outing. Songs like “I.H.D.2” and “Unnerwegs” with have your lip snarled up and your fist pumping in the air just like the good old days at CBGB’s. What stuck out most for me about “Subzero” was the fairly impressive guitar work of Benni and A.G. who in a very un-punk way can play pretty well and songs like “Es Es-Kaliert” and “Good News (Ladies & Gentlemen)” are prime examples of those skills.

SS-Kaliert’s “Subzero” is a great representation of old school Oi! punk but with an updated feel. And though the sounds heard on “Subzero” may be reminiscent of the Reagan Years “Subzero” is a very modern punk album!

Track Listing:

1.)    Vorhang Auf
2.)    Es Es-Kaliert
3.)    Subzero
4.)    Burn Down
5.)    Sayonara
6.)    Make Them Crash
7.)    S********
8.)    Der Parasit
9.)    I.H.D.2
10.)  Russian Roulette
11.)  Unnerwegs
12.)  Good News (Ladies & Gentlemen)
13.)  Jetzt Oder Nie!

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