CD Review: Knight Area “Nine Paths”

Knight Area
“Nine Paths”
The Lasers Edge
Producer: Neil Kernon
Tracks: 9

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

“Nine Paths” is the 4th release from the Dutch band Knight Area. The album was produced by well known producer Neil Kernon (Cannibal Corpse, Queensryche). Knights Area is a 5 member group lead by Mark Smit on vocals, Gerben Klazinga- keyboards, Pieter van Hoorn- drums, Gijs Koopman on bass and Taurus pedals and Mark Vermeule on guitars. Together the band creates a interesting blend of progressive rock.

“Nine Paths” is a blistering assault on the musical senses as the album covers a variety of sounds that all may not be heard without multiple listenings. The album was one part Dream Theater and one part Europe. Mark Smit has a very melodic sounding voice that lends itself very well alongside the key work Gerben Klazinga on tracks such as “The River”.While songs like “Pride and Joy” feature the fantastic bass and guitar grooves of Gijs Koopman and Mark Vermeule. Though the album is a progressive rock album there was a very jazz/easy listening element to the album which I thought was an interesting approach.

Though “Nine Paths” might not be heavy enough for some progressive rock fans it is a fairly easy listen for those just venturing into the genre. Each track on the album was very rich and showcased each members proficiency at their instruments

Track Listing:

1.)    Ever Since You Killed Me
2.)    Summerland
3.)    Please Come Home
4.)    Clueless
5.)    The River
6.)    Pride and Joy
7.)    The Balance
8.)    Wakerun
9.)    Angel’s Call

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