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For Immediate Release
30 AUGUST 2011


After almost 18 months and rapidly approaching one million hits, the Internet site will get a new name:


Launched in February 2010 by Mike Gencarelli and Mike Smith, the site quickly gained fans and industry attention for its reviews, interviews and commentary.  A decision by Gencarelli to feature an interview series with the cast and crew of AMC’s groundbreaking television series “The Walking Dead” led to the site being courted by other networks looking to highlight their new shows.  Besides film and television will also highlight online programming, music and books.  “Nothing’s off limits,” according to Gencarelli.


“I tip my hat to Mike G,” says Smith.  “To recognize that movie fans also have their favorite television and online programs was brilliant on his part.  The “Walking Dead” series brought us a lot of new site visitors and the increased focus on both television and web programming has given us great word of mouth among fans.”
Since launching, the site has featured over 400 interviews with such Hollywood stars as Denzel Washington, Burt Reynolds, Jason Lee and Colin Hanks.  MovieMikes also interviewed some great behind the camera talent, including directors John Carpenter, Keith Gordon, John Lee Hancock and Charles Martin Smith as well as Oscar nominated composers Alan Mencken and Alexandre Desplat.  Earlier this year the site was chosen by publisher Moonrise Media to be the first outlet to read and review the bestselling book “Jaws: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard.”


The new, revamped site launched this past weekend.




Mike Gencarelli          407.454.4770  
Mike Smith                 913.683.9840   

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