Krum Bums “Cut The Noose” CD Review

Krum Bums
“Cut The Noose”
Century Media Records/EMmi
Producer: Jason Buntz
Tracks: 13

Our Score: 4 out of 5

“Cut The Noose” is the 3rd full length release by the Texas based punk band Krum Bums and their first being released by Century Media/Emi. “Cut The Noose” is also the band’s first album featuring Nick Kasten who took over drumming duties for Tommy Gonzalez .

“Cut The Noose” Is pure gutter punk rock from beginning to end! From the albums opening track “Population Control” all the way to the closing track “High Highs, Low Lows” this album is in your face and very reminiscent of early 80’s punk rock. Jason Buntz as producer did a great job capturing the raw energy of the band while not over producing the tracks.

Classic British snarl and attitude mixed with straight forward American distortion and aggression. You can’t go wrong picking up a copy of “Cut The Noose”!

Track Listing:

1.)    Population Control
2.)    Action City
3.)    Poison Myself
4.)    Gasoline
5.)    Hit and Run
6.)    Last To Go
7.)    Starving Wolves
8.)    Gallows
9.)    Cut The Noose
10.)  (Get Away)
11.)  Injection
12.)  Gone Forever
13.)  High Highs, Low Lows

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