“Halloween: The Musical” CD Review

Record Label: John B. deHaas
Music & Lyrics: John B. deHaas
Recorded and Mixed by Brandon Knechtel at The Jamnasium, Clermont, Florida.
D Squared and Listy Lils Music Company Present
Total Length: 29:55

Album Score: 3 out of 5 stars

John Carpenter created one of the best horror films in history in 1978 and it has been used as the basis and inspiration for many projects. The latest is a musical parody stage production called, “Halloween: The Musical”. The project was recorded in fall 2010 and features its Orlando, FL cast and musicians. The man behind this creative idea is John B. deHaas. I have to say that this project is definitely ambitious as it takes one of the horror genres most important films and turning it into a musical. The idea of it works…for the most part.

In the first and second track, I have to give it to John, the lyrics are creative and the music is fun. The next three songs, “Walkin’ and Talkin’/Totally”, “Standin’ and Talkin'” and “Cruisin’ and Talkin'” are also decent but get a little bit repetitive. I liked them but I do not think I will be replaying them as favorites. I really enjoyed the song “Evil Eyes” sang by John Graham as Dr. Sam Loomis. “Don’t Get Dressed” was really catchy and fun song. Even though I was just listening and not watching I felt that it conveyed the action really well and was funny. My least favorite song was “The Confession” such Shawn Walsh as Michael Myers.

Overall the CD is fun in the beginning but loses it ideal about half way through…and the album is less than 30 minutes.  It is probably a hoot to watch the group to perform it live.  Overall, you got to give it up to John B. deHaas for taking a very serious and respected film and turning it into a witty musical comedy.  Worth a listen for sure if you are a genre fan.

Track List:
1. Trick or Treat
2. Why’d It Happen in Haddonfield?
3. Walkin’ and Talkin’/Totally
4. Standin’ and Talkin’
5. Cruisin’ and Talkin’
6. Evil Eye
7. Ben Tramer
8. The Bogeyman
9. Don’t Get Dressed
10. Michael’s Revenge
11. The Confession
12. Trick of Treat Finale
13. Michael Myers’ (Megamix)

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