100 Monkeys Band SIGNED CD “Liquid Zoo” Giveaway [ENDED]

100 Monkeys is a funk rock band featuring its members Ben Graupner, Ben Johnson, Jackson Rathbone (“The Twilight Saga”), Jerad Anderson and Lawrence Abrams. Check out our interview with the band, 100 Monkeys here, Media Mikes would like to giveaway ONE COMPLETE BAND SIGNED CD of their latest album “Liquid Zoo”. If you would like to win this amazing prize, please leave us a comment below or send us an email and let us know your favorite 100 Monkeys song. This giveaway will be open until Friday August 26th at Noon, Eastern Time. Only one entry per person, per household; all other entries will be considered invalid. THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN WORLDWIDE TO ALL OF 100 MONKEYS FANS!! Once the giveaway ends, Media Mikes will randomly pick out winners and alert the winners via email.

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284 Replies to “100 Monkeys Band SIGNED CD “Liquid Zoo” Giveaway [ENDED]”

  1. My favorite 100 Monkeys song has always been Made Of Gold,
    Mostly because of what it is about, it makes you think how they miss their friend Spencer Bell.

  2. I love 100 Monkeys! My absolute fave song is The Sound! Just love the ska vibe in it! 🙂

  3. i could say that i love all their songs (which i do ) but my favorite(s) are always their ‘improv’ sessions. Pure, raw ,non-perfect and yet perfect !

  4. 100 Monkeys is an amazingly talented and awesome band! I love all their stuff, but I guess my current favorite would be Shy Water.

  5. My fav is Shy Waters well one of my favs. Just to many to choose from but yeah Shy Waters is my final answer

  6. I would love to win an autographed copy of Liquid Zoo! If I have to choose a favorite song I would pick The Sound. But I truly love them all!!

  7. Of all the songs of theirs that I hold dear, I would say the one that is the most special to me and my family is perhaps the oddest for a middle aged mother to love. “Keep Awake” is the song that introduced me to this odd little band. Sent to me via a youtube link by a friend who knew I was sinking into despair when dealing with Domestic Violence and horrors that had me contemplating all kinds of insanity, it made me laugh at the sheer twisted nature of the song.
    I started looking deeper into the band and the next thing I knew, I was hooked, along with my small daughter.
    The desire to take my little girl to see them in concert was what finally gave the courage and the reason to get out. It seems just as insane as that song, but it was the push I needed. A song about killing someone in their sleep saved me and it is my favorite song of theirs.
    Now, a year later, we are happy and still in the city we traveled nearly a 1000 miles to in order to see them, preparing to see them for the second time, even bigger fans that we were before.

  8. It is hard to just pick one song they sing as my favorite because I love every song they sing, but if I had to pick just one it would be “Fighting in the Name of the Lord, with Conviction”.

  9. My favorite 100 Monkeys song is Reaper.. everybody has to free the beast every now and again.

  10. I am in love with The Sound!! I love how it keeps changing tempo and that you can still groove to it. Every time it comes on in my car people must think I’m NUTS cause I go crazy and dance.

  11. I want to win the signed Liquid Zoo CD so bad!! 🙂 My favorite 100 Monkeys song of all time has to be Orson Brawl, but Wings On Fire is a close second. 😉

  12. Thank you Mike!

    It’s hard to say, but if I have to choose then my favorite 100 Monkeys song is Reaper.

    Thank you for this WORLDWILD contest!

  13. “Made of Gold” is my favorite song. It reminds me of my late sister and how she is always going be memorialized in my mind because of how special she was (is) to me.

  14. ”wings on fire ” or maybe ”the sound”…humm… no ”orson brawl”. Wait ”reaper” ! I LIKE THEM ALL!!!! let’s say ”the sound”… I can’t choose! they are all amazing!

  15. I just saw the 100 Monkeys last month and I love all their songs but I would have to say The Reaper is my favorite!

  16. You do realize that you are asking me the Million Dollar question right? Pick one song? Are you kidding me? This is 100 Monkeys that we are talking about. Their last album Liquid Zoo, I have my top fave then every other song is 2nd. And from Grape, really can we even begin to list the songs? And this list does not include improv songs. Or any other cd that they have out. So please accept my apologies as I say I can’t pick just one.

    If you go according to my Ipod, the most played song is “Junkie” but every since Liquid Zoo has come out, I would have to pick “Modern Times.” If you were to ask me about improvs, the number 1 on my Ipod would be “Joygasm.” Thanks to whoever came up with that song idea. I love you. So enjoy my little paragraphs here. Thanks for having this fun contest.

  17. Keep Awake, I love that song.. there are days where I want to just follow through with the actions in the song.. However, I will play the song and it makes everything blow away! The song keeps me from committing the act. 🙂

  18. I really want to win the album!!! My fave 100 Monkeys song is Wings on Fire. It’s got a great beat and gets me moving. I also really love Invisible Monsters.

  19. I really want to win the album!!! My fave 100 Monkeys song is Wings on Fire. It’s got a great beat and gets me moving. I also really love Invisible Monsters, the Monkey Song, The Sound, and Modern Times. I really can’t choose because I love them all.

  20. My favorite song is “Orson brawl”, cause it is the song I constantly put repeat on my MP3 player

  21. My favorite 100 Monkeys song is currently Modern Times but my favorite changes regularly.

  22. My favorite 100 Monkeys song was Reaper until I was lucky enough to finally see them live… Uncle Larry singing Invisible Monsters changed my mind 🙂

  23. Favorite song from Liquid Zoo is “Invisible Monsters” or “The Sound” but over all my fave is “Reaper”

  24. Hey, My favorite 100 Monkeys song on their new album is Wandering Mind; however, my all time favorite would have to be Ugly Girl.

  25. I already bought the cd (downloaded of ITunes) but having an original signed copy by the guys would mean the world. Favorite song would have to be black dimond it’s an amazing song, love all the beats and dang that voice. But overall the cd ia great no two songs seem alike, it was hard to choice to make.

  26. My favorite song of the 100 Monkeys is Keep Awake, for a couple of reasons, but the main reason is that it’s also my Grandmother’s favorite song of theirs and they sang/dedicated it to her on her birthday when we spent her 91st birthday party with them in San Antonio.

  27. My favorite is Ugly Girl…always has been and always will be…even though I love all their stuff 🙂

  28. Picking just one favorite 100 Monkeys song is nearly impossible to do. I absolutely love everything about this band.I was in a really dark place;suffocating in my depression. One day I discovered this band through a friend. I listened to “Reaper”and smiled for the first time in ages. So I guess I can say that’s one of my all time favorite songs. I seriously love and owe this band so much.

  29. So hard to choose…I have a soft spot for Orson Brawl, that would be a fantastic radio single. But one of my absolute favorites is Fighting in the Name of the Lord with Conviction. It’s the one I go back to time and again, and could play on repeat.

  30. Mine would have to be “Looker”. It show great versatility with the vocals, awesome, straight to the heart lyrics, and great soul. I am happy that it was added to the soundtrack of “Girlfriend”. That song doesn’t get the credit it is due.

  31. How do you pick a favorite song from this amazing band?!?!?!??? All of their songs are fantastic…ok,I will say Orson Brawl, but I have to mention that it is hard not to say Wings on Fire, Ugly Girl, Kolpix, Black Diamond, Reaper, Shy Water, Keep Awake, Made of Gold or any of their others!!

  32. I have two songs from Liquid Zoo tied as my fave “The Sound” & “Black Diamond” but my number one Monkey song (which is a tie too) is “Reaper” & “Junkie”

  33. Although it’s hard to choose, my favorite would be “Keep Awake”! It’s got such a fun, catchy beat, and some demented lyrics to top it off! I love it!

  34. I definitely have to go with Keep Awake. It was the first song of theirs I heard, and it never gets old no matter how many years later, nor how many times I’ve listened to. Doesn’t hurt that it’s insanely catchy and hilarious.

  35. My favorite 100 Monkeys song is ‘Made of Gold’. Not only is it a phenomenal song, but it’s about a very talented, influential, legendary person.. The Late, Great Spencer Bell.

  36. It is hard to choose just one favorite song by them. I would say Reaper from their Grape album and Wandering Mind from Liquid Zoo.

  37. wings on fire is THE song of choice in our house! Age four to thirty four… We all run around and use it as our random catch phrase…. My four year old daughter gets in trouble for randomly screaming it at school lol

  38. Only one song can get me dancing like a hot potato and that would be Orson Brawl! I went wild when I heard that live for the first time last weekend in Denver!!! Oh man did it get my blood going!!

    I love all their songs, but that one does it for me!

  39. I would love to win the album my favorite 100 Monkey songs are Wandering Minds, Devil Man, The Sound, orson brawl, jello & of course Wings On Fire & Keep Awake & Ugly Girl & Modern Times & Aim High.

    Joanna Kelly

  40. My favorite song is “Invisible Monsters”! The first time I heard it I fell in love with it. Something about it reminded me of the song “Whiter Shade Of Pale” which was one of mine and my best friend from highschools favorite songs. Love it!!:)

  41. I like all the songs but the one I enjoy the most is THE SOUND! It is so smooth I like it!!! I would love to win a Signed cd!

  42. I never even thought to pick a favorite song until y’all posed this question. I’m attached to a number of them for different reasons. Ugly Girl was my first, Orson Brawl reminds me of fun times with my nephew(he always wants to hear the rock and roll song and how can anyone not vibe to Black Diamond? It’s impossible to choose so I’m just going to have to go with play count. According to my computer my favorite song is Future Radio.

  43. So many to choose from…. I would have to say .38 Special …. They are all great to listen to!

  44. Its so hard to pick one song!!! At this moment I am loving The Fair and Modern Times!!! But Keep Awake is right there on the top list… I also love Are you Afraid of the dark but what has my heart is the improve song is the one they did in Tulsa! The title was “What Happened Was”…. I love the sound these guys make! I mean Im devoted… Drove 3 hours to Tulsa, Oklahoma and on the way back home drove through hail, 75 mph winds, took me 5 hours to get home lol… But its all worth it in the end!!! Keep on Rockin!!

  45. My favorite Monkeys song is Wings on Fire. So happy they sang it at the show I went to this tour. These guys are so sweet/nice/great! They did a signing after a show I went to…at about 12 am. Not many bands do things like that these days.

  46. ?100Monkeys Show is a not to miss “Experience” and the talent in this one band is amazing! Thanks for Rockin my World Guyz! (((Hugs))) ?
    Di 😉

  47. My favourite song would have to be Prayer…though Wild Blue Yonder never fails to give me the giggles!!

  48. My favorite published song of the 100 Monkeys is Orson Brawl but my favorite that they’ve ever done is one of their improv songs Jello!

  49. Most certainly, Reaper is my favorite. It has an awesome sound, and I went through a phase where I had dreams about my teeth falling out, so I can relate to it 😉 yeah, that was probably a bit too personal….

  50. Throughout the course of the band have had several favorite songs, but now at this moment my favorite is Wandering Mind, The Sound of this album.
    And past albums Junkie, Arizona, Sleeping Giants, Jello, Future Radio, Orson Brawl… I love this band!!
    definitely I can´t choose just one 😉

  51. I Love all the songs on the album. They r relaxing and makes me want to dance. But, if i had to pick one, it would be “The Sound”. I instantly got into it like the others song and started to dance.

  52. Orson Brawl – it was the first song I heard of theirs and therefore, the song that lead the way for the rest of their music into my world. From one song I gained song after song, album after album. Welcomed additions to the soundtrack of my life.

  53. Finally got to see 100 Monkeys live last night! Amazing show. Favorite song? Let’s go with The Sound, since I’ve had it stuck in my head all day!

  54. OOH OOH, PICK ME, PICK ME!! I’d love to win that CD. My favorite 100 Monkeys song (so far) is Ugly Girl. It’s so fun and funky, but has a great message. But there really are so many good songs it’s hard to choose. I really hope you select me as the winner. 😀

  55. My favorite song off the liquid zoo CD is black diamond! It’s definitely more rock n roll and it’s sexy as hell!

  56. My little sister introduced me to this band, and the first song she showed me is also my favorite ‘Orson Brawl’ with ‘Future Radio’ and ‘Wandering Mind’ tying for second.

  57. Hard question, but I guess my favorite would be Aim High, great beat, and love the lyrics ‘We are gonna die, so have a good time’ A great outlook on life.

  58. My fave Liquid Zoo track is defintely “Sound”. rockin’ beat, funky vibe and love the changing tempo

  59. I love 100 monkeys. From Denmark and never seen them live yet, but the 29. november this year is it my turn and i’m soooo excitet can hardly with. Seen a lot of youtube movie from there concerts.

    I don’t have one favorit song, but the ones i like the best is: Modern time – jello – .38 speciel – wandering mind – ugly girl – … and many more.

    Lots of love from Denmark.

  60. I love the songs reaper and 38.Special because theres such a raw emotion behind them where as in the others the emotion seems more controlled.

  61. Favourite song…tough choice! Can honestly say there isn’t one I don’t like…but fave…well I tend to wake up with Invisible Monsters in my head so I’d have to say that, Future Radio, or Shy Water 🙂

  62. My favourite song is ‘Keep Awake’ it is amazing and it makes laugh when I am sad 🙂

  63. I like them all. For Liquid Zoo, I’d have to choose The Sound or The Fair. I just love the tempo and style changes. They remind me of Sublime and OffSpring and combine symphony/Big Band with something that could be in a musical or at a major part of a movie. And, on Grape I’d choose Sleeping Giants or .38 Special. I can relate to parts of these songs and they somehow cheer me up. Plus, .38 Special always reminds me to fill my flask!! I don’t own any guns and thank-you Canada for our gun laws. lol
    Basically, I like every song, so I can’t narrow it down to 1! Hope a Canadian Tour is being planned???????

  64. I absolutely love all of the 100 Monkeys songs and it’s so hard to pick just one but I would have to say my favorite is Reaper.

  65. I have two favs. Reaper and Wings On Fire. Both songs put me in an up beat kinda mood =0D

  66. favorite song on liquid zoo is black diamond I like the beat in that one…its impossible to stand still while listening to it….all time favorite song is otherwise smoke..might change when I finally get to see them live in November though 🙂

  67. For me it is really hard to pick one favorite song because the sound of every song and album is unique. Therefore my favorite song is depending on my mood.

    On Liquid Zoo I love Made of Gold. This song is kind of special to me.
    First of all you can feel how much they loved and still love Spencer Bell and that he really was someone special.
    On the other hand this song often makes me cry because I had some near death experience by reason of a genetic defect. This song always shows me how quick life can be over and that there are always people who will miss you a lot.

    Of all Monkeys songs I love The Monkey Song most. It always makes me smile and I start thinking what I would do if I was a monkey 😀

  68. My favorite song is Reaper,but my 2 year old daughter and 4 year old son usually have me play Ugly Girl over and over again,and I can’t say that I mind. I’m just glad I have cool kids who like real music.

  69. I’d have to say that my favorite song off of LZ is “Prayer”. Out of everything they’ve done though, it’s hard for me to pick just one, so it’s a tie between “Prayer”, “LDF” and “Shock and Fright”.

  70. I saw them in Houston at The House of Blues and they were amazing .. You want me to pick just one that is my favorite .. That is a hard question, I will say Ugly Girl, but all their songs are great

  71. I have too many favorites! I think my favorite from Liquid Zoo is Devil Man, though Sleeping Giants from previous albums is my all time favorite.

  72. I LOVE it all..but a favorite? I am going with Ugly Girl because it is one of those songs that has a way of sticking in your head and playing over and over continuously until you give in and listen to it again thus restarting the process! That and it’s lyrics are HILARIOUS!!!!

  73. Hmm.. I think my current favorite would have to be Invisible Monsters. Uncle Larry has such a soulful, beautiful voice.

  74. My all time favorite 100 Monkeys song is Keep Awake! (Although I’m loving Shy Water off the new album)

  75. the monkey song – never fails to make me smile and it just sums up how i am a monkey girl 😀 x

  76. 100 Monkeys are awesome. Love to watch them live its such a fun show. Ugly Girl is my fave !!

  77. I’ve seen the 100 Monkeys show and I loved every single song!! But my FAVORITE is “Smoke” (probably because I’m a blues dancer)… I know it’s not on the Liquid Zoo CD, but still-it’s my favorite!

  78. My currend favorite songs are The sound, Black Diamond and an old one Smoke…
    but love it all

  79. Love ALL 100 monkeys songs but If i had to pick one it would be Arizona. Just the resonance of that vocal range sends shivers down my spine every time. Such feeling. Genius! Can’t wait till december and have my tickets for London gig. Spreading the word! K x

  80. Its too hard to pick just one favorite 100 Monkeys song but if I have to, it would be Keep Awake. Its just too funny.

  81. Definetly Eardrums, its not on any of their albums, they only play it live, so I only know it from live videos, but its reaaaaally good!

  82. My two favorite songs of theirs are “Wings on Fire” and “Orson Brawl”. Those two are are so amazing live, you can’t help but yell the lyrics and dance like there’s no tomorrow.

  83. Keep Awake is my favorite….simply because it is the first 100 Monkeys song I ever had the pleasure of hearing.

  84. It really does have to be Orson Brawl!
    My daughter wants to change her name to Rock’n’Roll because of it! :p

  85. Fav 100 monkeys song ever is shock and fright. Fav song off of liquid zoo is made of gold. I love 100 monkeys! 100 Monkeys junky baby!!!

  86. It’s really hard as a “Monkey Junkie” to pick up only one song but I would say my favourite is The Monkey Song . It was the first song from the Monkeys that I heared and it made me fell in love with them . Can’t wait to see them live in december !

  87. Favourite 100 Monkeys Song has to be Sleeping Giants, simply because the lyrics are so smart and so true. Oh and of course the music is great as always 🙂

  88. My favourite song by 100 Monkeys has to be ‘Keep Awake’ …It’s just brilliant!

  89. Orson Brawl!! All time fave. I do love a lot of their improv songs! Hot Fudge being one of my faves!<3

  90. Without a doubt, it’s hard to narrow it down to one song. The album is uniquely primate in all it’s glory…but if I had to choose, the song I could listen to most is “Invisible Monsters”. The sound, the lyrics, the vibe…awesomesauce, it is!

  91. My absolute favorite 100. Monkeys song has to be Orson Brawl. They’ve all got tremendous talent, passion, and heart for what they do. That’s what makes them loved by me.

  92. It has to be Orson Brawl, my mum knows all the words as well now because I never have it off!

  93. 100 monkeys is the best band i’ve see. Made of gold hands down is the best song. The lyrics, meaning and music is just wonderful!

  94. My favorite 100 Monkeys song would have to be either Wandering Mind or Sleeping Giants. I love my Bens!

  95. It is soo hard to pick just one song but, right now, I think my favorite is “Animals”-not on a CD but able to be seen/heard on Youtube. I’m blown away by the intensity of both the lyrics and the music! I also love the line “it’s all right, who you are.” I’ve never felt like I quite fit in and I work with kids with special needs, so this line really speaks to me.

  96. How absolutely awesome! My hands down favorite 100 Monkey song is “Poison Oak” from the Grape cd. Jay’s haunting voice reminds me how easily someone’s words cannot spew like venom and impact the life of another. As a monkey fan, teacher, and most importantly a mama, this thought must stay in the forefront of my mind. Share the love, don’t instill anger and hate. If you need a favorite from “Liquid Zoo” I would have to pick “Wandering Mind.”. I am a gal that loves control! Enough said! Thanks for the contest…..

  97. Sister Susan. … Or Robot Timberwolves. … .38 Special. You say favourite song? Well, I guess I have three.

  98. It is a difficult choice to pick just one, so I’m going to say my favorite song this week is Prayer! Love how sexy Jackson’s voice is!

  99. It is so hard to pick a favorite as it changes all the time, but right now my favorite is Time.. It is amazing!!

  100. Just saw them for the first time ever with my 16 year old daughter. We love 100 monkeys! Best song I guess would be wings on fire! It changes daily though. Please pick us to win. Can’t wait to take my oldest daughter to see them next.

  101. well..I pretty much like all their songs and I’m probably not the only one to say that…lol but if I must pick I’d pick “Dirty Jam on Toast” It’s a short track where I think their just playing around in the studio but it’s really cool. My 5 year old son goes crazy when it comes on…very cute.

  102. If I had to pick only one I guess it’d be Ugly Girl because this was the first song of the band that I ever listened to. It has kind of a special status for me. And: If i had never listened to it, i would have never listened to the other amazing songs and that would be too bad! 🙂

  103. My favorite 100 Monkeys song is either “Wing’s on Fire” or “Clippity Clop.” Wing’s on fire is fantastically catchy, but I love Ben G’s voice in Clippity Clop. It’s hard to pick just one favorite with this group because they’re all so talented! Love watching them live because they switch instruments all the time 🙂

  104. Only one? Oh wow! Well right now I have been wearing out “Wandering Mind” Saw them perform it life and it was blow your socks off awesome!

  105. I luuurve worldwide competitions! Not as much as Orson Brawl though… I mean “I love you daddy. I love you rock n roll!” Don’t get much better than that! I lol everytime at that part.

  106. Loved you in Spokane! Purchased the book “Every Monkey Dookies” and my 5 year old grandson had not seen it yet, but, was having a major Monday morning breakdown. Well, read the book to him and he laughed so hard and has been walking around with it saying “the band wrote this for me!!!”…
    Thank you ALL!

  107. My favourite song is Keep Awake…i like so much this song because i’m love this rhitme..it’s fantastic!

  108. My favorite 100 Monkeys song is definitely LDF, and I love Junkie, Made Of Gold, Aim High and Black Diamond too! I love every 100 Monkeys song!

  109. My favourite song from ‘Liquid Zoo’ is ‘Wondering Mind,’ but man, I love all of the songs. 100 MONKEYS ROCKS !!!

  110. I love Made of Gold it’s not a cliche love song but a homage to someone who inspires you.

  111. My favourite song is .38 special, but it’s not the only….I love keep awake and Modern Time, especially the video ’cause it’s so original and cool..I love 100 Monkeys..they are great..

  112. I love 100 Monkeys’ music, so it’s difficult to choose; but, “Invisible Monsters” is my favorite among so many others.

  113. Fav song from Liquid Zoo -Invisible Monsters
    Fave song from Grape – Posion Oak
    Peace, Love, and Monkeys!!!

  114. I think that “Ugly Girl” is my favorite song, though I enjoy all of them. I love these guys a lot! I finally saw you in Denver Aug 13 . It was definitely a happy 24th birthday! 🙂

  115. i love keep awake but wandering mind is my fav song ever! there isn’t one song they’ve done that i haven’t loved lol

  116. My favorite 100 Monkeys song is “Ugly Girl” because I think it has a great message behind it. You can’t forgo substance in the name of outer beauty, it’s nothing but a shallow shell. It’s what the person brings to the table with their mind that matters most, the rest is all relative. 🙂

  117. my favorite song NOW is the sound, but that changes all the time they have so many incredible songs and is impossible to choose just 1 hahaha

  118. favorite song…. how difficult, it changes with the mood!
    but mostly, my favorite one is “reaper”

  119. There´s no doubt about that: its “SHY WATER”
    I listen to it AT LEAST 10 times every day; LOVE it 😉

    And guys; a MILLION thanx that youre coming to Denmark in November; i never thought that would be possible!! Cant wait!

    Take care?

  120. My favorite song on the album is all of them… LOL… If I have to pick one, it’s Black Diamond… I have loved this song since I first saw the band perform it live and was so blown away that the recorded version still held the passion and intensity that the live performance did. 100 Monkeys is my favorite band and I have been fortunate enough to see them several times in the last 2 years since I found their music… This signed CD would have a loving home with me and my son who is just as big a 100 Monkeys junkie as I am.

  121. Favourite song – orson brawl! I love you rock and roll!

  122. I just love this album, your sound is different and unique…just like you. My favorite songs are The Sound & Invisible Monsters 😉

  123. Ooooh, so hard to pick just one! I love Kolpix and was kind of sad that it wasn’t on Liquid Zoo. I think Shy Water is a great song, and I love Uncle singing Invisible Monsters. Black Diamond rocks too!

  124. My favorite monkeys song would have to be “The Monkey Song” not because the name but because it was the first song of yalls I really loved and the first concert of yalls I went to as soon as Ben J got up front and sang it he had the biggest smile on his face an looked so handsome he made me fall in love with the song and the band even more!!

  125. Do I have to pick just one?! How about most of Grape, all the singles, & half of Liquid Zoo. No? Just one? UGH! Ok, ok, Shy Water. I think?

  126. My favorite 100 Monkeys song off of Liquid Zoo is The Sound! 100 Monkeys is a group of very talented gentlemen!! They are by far the most entertaining show you can ever see live!

  127. My favorite is Orson Brawl. It always makes me feel good! And Jackson is so sexy when he’s shouting “I love you rock n’ roll!”

  128. My favorite song is Ugly Girl, saddly I know a lot of people that song describes. It’s so my life! LOVE 100 Monkeys!!

  129. Whent to my 1st 100 monkeys concert on August 9th.. have been hooked Since.. my Favorite 100 Monkeys song is Ugly Girl.. the Lyrics are so honest and true!

  130. went to my first 100 Monkeys concert on August 9th. have been hooked ever since. my favorite song would have to be 100 monkeys. the lyrics are so true and honest.

  131. My favourite 100 Monkeys song is definitely Shy Water. I love the way Ben sings it, not to mention the words and the meaning behind the song, it’s just so beautiful.

  132. It’s hard to narrow it down to just one.

    Keep Awake is the one that really sealed my fate as a 100 Monkeys “junkie”.

    Before that I followed them on Jackson Rathbone Online and saw the early videos posted on there and like them. But then Sept 2009 someoned posted Keep Awake and BAM I was really hooked. I had to go look up every video, including many improvs of theirs I could find on YouTube.

  133. I love all The 100 MOnkeys songs but Made of Gold and Looker are my faves:)!!!

  134. Loved your show at The Knitting Factory in Spokane on Saturday!!! I got some really great pics! My favorite is The Monkey Song!!

  135. After hesitating… I think I’ll choose LDF (Long Distance Phone Call) as my favorite, since it feels personal to me. And because the melody is so heart-breaking! Love it… ??

  136. At this very second my favorite song is .38 Special because it makes me want to drink a Miller High Life.

  137. My favorite song has and always will be “Shy Water”. I was at the Los Angeles show nearly 2 years ago when Ben Graupner first played it live and I’ve melted every time I’ve heard it since!

  138. My favorite song is Junkie, I know people think I’m crazy when I sing it in the car, but it is impossible to NOT sing along!! One time I was listing to Keep Awake in the car and my 7yr old looked at me and said “I don’t think that’s an appropriate song for Clay (5 yr old brother) to listen to” I about wrecked laughing!

  139. My favorite song would have to be Ugly Girl, especially their live version on “Live and Kickin”. But it was really hard to narrow it down to just one because this band is simply fantastic!

  140. It is difficult to pick my favorite song. It depends completely on my mood at the time: The Sound, Keep Awake, Ugly Girl, LDF, Invisible Monsters, Time, Made of Gold, Orson Brawl, 38 Special, and so on (including improv songs). I think you get the point.

  141. 1. Modern Times is my favorite song. The piano in the beginning is beautiful, the song makes me happy, even if the text is a bit sad. 2. Shy Water (Reminds me of a saloon in The Wild West, where people listen to your music and drink beer), 3. The Monkey Song (I recognize some of the sentences in myself), 4. Orson Brawl (the guitars are awesome and Jackson his voice make the song so beautiful for my ears: D)

  142. My favorite songs of 100 Monkeys are LDF (Long Distance Phone Call) and Made of Gold, my eyes fill with tears every time I hear them.
    I hope one day I’ll have the opportunity to go to a show of this fantastic band here in Brazil.

  143. I have to go with Jackson’s answer to this….Choosing one song is like choosing which child you like best. I love them all!!!

  144. I love pretty much all of their songs, but my favorite, the one I catch myself humming or singing all the time is “Keep Awake”

  145. My favorite song has to be Reaper!… or “wings on fire”, or “wasteland 2″… maybe “monkey song”. Ok, you get it, I just love 100 Monkeys!

  146. I love Kolpix, but an older favorite is .38 special…however, all 100 monkey’s songs are awesome!

  147. My fave song is Orson Brawl just cos it makes me boogie and jump around like a Monkey basically 😀 I went wild when I heard it live in Denver at my first show 2 weeks ago 😀 Thanks guys! You made my day!

  148. My favorite 100 Monkeys song is Wandering Mind off their new album. It used to be Orson Brawls off their prior cd and I still love it but Wandering Mind is just amazing. It’s fun and groovy with a bit of funkiness mixed in 🙂

  149. My favorite 100 Monkeys song is Orson Brawl. It is even my ringtone. Every time I get a text everyone around me can enjoy the words, “HEY BIG DADDY!”.

  150. I really loveeeeeeeeeee the song “Invisible Monsters” ! It’s my favorite in the Liquid Zoo album.

  151. Wow…just one. That’s almost impossible. All the songs are awesome, but I would have to say that Wandering Mind, The Sound and The Fair find their way to the top of the playlist most often.

  152. “Orson Brawl.” It’s got grit. It’s got soul. It’s got a beat so flashy that it could blind you, and still, it comes out all smooth and polished–kinda like a black diamond (but you didn’t hear that from me). It sets me bones a-rattlin’ and gets me blood a-pumpin’. You could say this has got it ah-ah-all.

    Get me started on my favorite 100 Monkeys songs. I dare you.

  153. It’s kinda hard to pick between so many epic songs. I mean, not only the sound it’s great, but the lyrics are amazing. Each one. However, I have the ones I cuddle the most, like Black Diamond, Sleeping Giants, Invisible Monsters, Grocery Store no More, or the old but awesome Junkie, LDF, Small Lean, Made of Gold (so much love for this one), or Poison Oak (that I love more and more as the days go through), or Reaper, or Wandering Mind. It’s like… really hard to choose… so I won’t ahah!

    Have a nice weekend (;

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