Interview with Chaske Spencer

Chaske Spencer is known best for playing his role of Sam Uley in “The Twilight Saga”. Chaske is currently preparing to start filming “Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2”. Movie Mikes had a quick chance to ask Chaske a few questions about working on the series.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us about what you like most about your role Sam Uley in “The Twilight Saga”?
Chaske Spencer: I like that he looks out for the rest of the wolf pack…like a big brother figure.

MG: Did you read the books before your work on the series?
CS: Yeah, I read them once I booked the role.

MG: What was be the most memorable part of working on the series for you?
CS: Meeting all the fans has been the biggest thing. Everyone is so amazing and traveling to places I never would have gone to like Australia, Berlin, New Zealand has been so great.

MG: When do you start filming “Breaking Dawn”?
CS: Not sure yet. Everything is pretty hush hush [laughs].

MG: How do you feel that “Breaking Dawn” is going to satisfy its fans?
CS: I am sure it will be awesome and the fans will love it. Each film gets better and better.

MG: Tell us about your other upcoming film “Shouting Secrets”?
CS: “Shouting Secrets” is a real family character driven story. The thing I love most about it is anyone can relate to the story, it is not specifically Native.

MG: How did you get started with your production company, Urban Dream?
CS: My manager Josselyne Herman and I decided to create the company, so we could produce our own projects. She knew Ted Kurdyla and his resume is pretty impressive. So we decided to find projects to develop. “The Block” is the first one we are working on and we are trying to get that funded.

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