Interview with Robin Thorsen

Robin Thorsen is known for her funny and lovable character Clara on the web series “The Guild”.  The web series is entering in season five this summer and is hotter than ever!  Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with Robin about working on the series and about her character.

Mike Gencarelli: How did you get involved with “The Guild”
Robin Thorsen: I found the casting call online on Actors Access and it just said “The Guild: Pilot”.  The role of Clara [laughs] actually said “ex-cheerleader, fairly ditsy, kind of neglectful mother in an enduring way”. I said say “Hey I can play that!” [laughs].  I went to the audition and there were a lot of older women there, and I was the youngest person.  But I just went in and I guess I did something to make Felicia (Day) like me. It was actually my first big audition since I graduated college, so it was pretty sweet!

MG: What is the thing about Clara that you love the most?
RT: I think the best is… let’s face it she is a neglectful mom [laughs].  She does it though in such a funny endearing have to like her. I loved playing a character that is almost borderline taboo.   She is a mom and she drinks.   She also chooses the game over her kids but at the end of the day, she is this lovable character.

MG: Do you have a favorite season to date?
RT: I think the past two seasons have been quite fun.  We got a bigger budget.  I got to work with Amy (Okuda) in this past season.  It is always best to get to act with the rest of the cast then oppose to trying to act in front of a computer.  I think season four was written exquisitely.  It was so much fun and we got to see how Clara deals with her pregnancy and kind of forgets about it for the first half [laughs], then realizes she shouldn’t do that. Every time we get to work together it is a lot of fun.

MG: Do you find it easy or difficult working on the web series?
RT: “The Guild” has really been the only thing I have done.  I have a done a few guest spots on other web series and a little tiny movie.  It is a little stressful because we have to do so much in such a small amount of time but I love it.  I love being able to go to work and flushing out two or three episodes.  You also kind of at that borderline stress mentality because…you don’t wanna fuck up. Sean (Becker), our director is amazing.  Felicia is so great.  Everything we film I get worried if I am doing the lines right and Felicia always says we wouldn’t move on if it wasn’t good or you didn’t look good.  It is really nurturing and always a good experience filming.  It great to see how this show has come along from being produced from a PayPal account to now being produced by Microsoft.

MG: Tell us about working on the music videos, was it a blast?
RT: Yeah! Of course…What would happen if I actually said, No they were awful, I can’t believe I am part of that [laughs].  No, they were tons of fun to do.  The Bollywood “Game On” video was a little long for me, I was there all day.  Vincent (Caso) and I had to shoot our porition at night.  So our call time was really early and then we were just hanging out.  It was really neat though because I got to see everyone else film.  I really [laughs] don’t have a lot to do in these videos.  I am usually sitting down drinking something [laughs].  That is the extend usually of my participation.  I love being part of them. It just more exposure for the show…and us for that matter. People have come up to me and said “Oh my gosh, your in that music video” and I am just shocked.

MG: What can let us know about upcoming season five?
RT: Oh my gosh, I am stocked about it.  I wish I had information to tell you but I am in the dark. I know they are doing pre-production now.  I am thinking we are going to do some sort of a convention thing due to the end of season four. I can’t wait to get the script and read it and find out what crazy antics we get into.

MG: What else do you have upcoming?
RT: I actually just guest starred on another web series called “Awkward Embraces”.  It is really funny and witty. Jessica Mills is the brain child behind it. It is another kind of nerdy geek girl centered web series, which is awesome.  In the TV world you don’t get many of those.  I am excited to be apart of it.

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