Interview with GWAR’s Brad Roberts & Casey Orr

One of the more under rated rhythm sections in Heavy Metal is that of Jizmak Da Gusha and Beefcake the Mighty also know as Brad Roberts & Casey Orr from the legendary Gore-Rock band GWAR.  Movie Mikes recently had a chance to speak with the duo in character about their recent tour of Australia and GWAR’s new album “Bloody Pit of Horror.”

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Adam Lawton: How did you each join the band?
Jizmak: Well the first drummer Nippleus Erectus over dosed on a huge Red Bull type energy drink. He actually created the very first energy drink which was made entirely of liquid crack. Nippleus drank one of those and went completely crazy and eventually over dosed. They called me because I am Balzac, the Jaws of Death’s cousin. I got the gig based on the whole family principle. I have now been with the band for around 22 million years.
Beefcake: I joined the band by being fucking Bad Ass!  I also walked in with a quarter pound of weed and knew the songs. That was it. I was in. Siding with the Scum Dogs after an immense intergalactic battle didn’t hurt either! They needed muscle! I have been with the group on a few different occasions and I am Beefcake 2, 4, 6 and 8.

AL: What did you think about having to wear the costumes?
Beefcake: I thought it was pretty kick ass! The reason I started playing bass was because I loved Gene Simmons costume. I get to do the next best thing. I had been a fan before I joined so I knew what to expect.

AL: How was it touring Australia for the first time?
Jizmak: I really expected a whole lot of Kangaroo fucking and I was totally disappointed. I did however really enjoy the cuisine. They have these fried koala assholes that are excellent! (Laughs)
Beefcake: It was very expensive! We fucked a wallaby as a bonding experience.

AL: Any crazy moments from this tour?
Jizmak: There was one. We were in Ft. Lauderdale one night and after getting drunk and hanging out with the natives. We started walking along the beach and all of a sudden a dead guy washed up in the surf! So we pulled him out and started beating on him because we figured he was already dead and we shouldn’t save him. Somehow the guy lived! I thought he was dead if I had known he was alive I would have stuck him with something and killed him. The next day I wanted to do a press release stating that GWAR finds a washed up body. Man lives but GWAR feels horrible about it!
Beefcake: We wrestled a shark that turned out to be really cool so we went drinking with him afterwards. It was really cool getting to go to new places and play with a whole bunch of rock stars like NOFX and Megadeth.

AL: What is each of yours favorite track off the new album?
Jizmak: I think it’s the opening track “Bloody Pit of Horror” all four parts.
Beefcake: “Beat You to Death” of course! It’s the best song on there. I also like Tick-Tits which I wrote the music to. The whole record is great.

AL: What was it like being on the Jimmy Fallon show?
Jizmak: Jimmy Fallon was a scared little pussy! He didn’t even come out to visit us.

AL: Any plans for more TV appearances?
Jizmak: I think that’s probably our first and last national TV appearance (Laughs).  Somebody must have gotten fired for putting us on the air. It’s like us getting nominated for a Grammy. Somebody lost their job.

AL: Any plans once the tour is over?
Jizmak: I want to conquer the little people of Japan! I think they are deathly afraid of us. I can’t wait for GWAR to go there and spew bile onto their entire germ-o-phobic nation! Gor-Gor will eat them all alive.
Beefcake: I am going to record a new Hellions record. I also am going to for the first time in 20 years record some new Rigor Mortis songs and start shopping those around. I am going to try and stay real busy.

Click here to purchase GWAR’s music and new CD “Bloody Pit of Horror”

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