GWAR Band Interview Series

GWAR has always been one of my favorite bands. But it wasn’t always about the music, it was about their costumes and makeup. Something about them separated them from most other bands. This is dating back to 1988, when it was not as common to dress up ala Slipknot or Mushroomhead. GWAR’s sound has always been unique and their concert experiences are one of a kind. Movie Mikes was lucky enough to get a chance to chat with each of the band members from GWAR. You can read each interview below.


18 Replies to “GWAR Band Interview Series”

  1. Lots of good ones Beat You To Death, Slaughterama, The Road Behind its hard to just narrow it down to one!

  2. I would have to say that I have many Gwar favorites. I think that Zombies March would have to be the ultimate though !!!!

  3. With out a doubt,”Fucking an Animal”!! Not only is it a funny song but the video is hilarious!

  4. let them slay- i too love thier costume since my brothe showed me a recording of them when i was four.

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