"Monsters" Interviews Series with Gareth Edwards, Jon Hopkins, Scoot McNairy & Whitney Able

October is usually swarmed by horror/sci-fi genre movies, some are good…most are not. This October, we have had the following genre films released, “Case 39”, “My Soul to Take” and “Let Me In”…so far all disappointing. We only have “Paranormal Activity 2” and “Saw 3D” to finish off the month, expectations are weary. Luckily for us “Monsters” is also being released. It is a micro-budgeted film from first time director and visual effects artist Gareth Edwards…and it kicks ass!

“Monsters” is easily one of the best films I have seen this fall – Click here to read my review.  Movie Mikes has had the chance to interview the cast and crew from the film.


This film is following the footsteps of other low budget sci-fi films like “Cloverfield” and the upcoming “Skyline”, very small budget but high production value. The film was made for around $100,000 dollars and with another $400,000 spent in post production. The film itself has computer graphic effects that could easily pass for a multi-million dollar film.

The cast in the film features actually real life husband and wife, Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able. Their chemistry in the film is so fantastic and you find yourself memorized watching these characters. Jon Hopkins composed and performed the score for the film, which is so fantastic. Jon’s music sets the mood for the whole film and really makes the film move well. I cannot wait until they release the score on iTunes, it is a must buy for movie score fans!

The film is set for US release on October 29, 2010. Make sure you go out and support the film and all independent movies. Check out the trailer below for those who are not familiar with this gem.

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