Interview with Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is most known for his role as Edward Cullen in the “The Twilight Saga”. He recently sat down during a press junket to answer some questions about his role in the upcoming “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”.

Q: Now on the third “Twilight” movie, you’ve worked with three different directors, what have been the pluses or minuses for that change each time?
A: I thought Catherine (Hardwicke) and Chris (Weitz) were both great and I would have been happy if they have directed all of them afterward. Experiencing the change every time is great for me because it feels like you are doing a different movie every time. It would be very easy to think like you are literally doing a series and it is the same characters going through different events every time. Having a new director around does help you grow. The characters are growing and changing and its not just going through a new set of events. It feels like every movie is very different.

Q: Do you take opportunity to to look back at the earlier films and do this certain things different with your character?
A: Kind of, I definitely was thinking in “Eclipse”, what is the consistency from the previous two. But also you think how to improve your performance. The look of the character. The way they move. You normally do not have opportunities to do that. It is always the same cast, so you can bring your experience from the last film in the new film. It is not an entirely new set of circumstances.

Q: With the love triangle in “Eclipse” being so front and center, how was it working with Taylor during those scenes? Was it difficult?
A: For one thing, it was great to do scenes with other people. I have always got a long with Taylor (Lautner) very well. It is a lot easier when you like someone to do all this macho stuff because you could feel really silly. Taylor is a much better built guy than I am and if he was a complete idiot then it could very easily become an uncomfortable situation. If he was like “I am so buff, what do you have”, it would have been incredible annoying to do to work every day.

Q: The tent scene has everyone talking. Was that a tough scene to do?
A: It is a very strange scene, with Bella sleeping there. I like what has happened with the relationship that Edward has with Jacob now. In the first two, it is just this kind of ignorant hate which boring to play after a while, since all it is is just jealousy. If you do not know someone you can’t really hate them. Knowing someone and openly admitting “I am trying to steal your girlfriend”, and saying “What are you going to do about it? Try and stop me”. There is nothing he can do to stop him. He doesn’t want to be friends. He has to completely rely on Bella to make up her mind on it. It is kind of interesting to see things play out.

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