Interview with Felissa Rose

Felissa Rose Esposito Miller is know most for her role as Angela Baker in the 1983 cult classic, Sleepaway Camp.  Movie Mikes has the chance to track down Felissa and get her to answer a few questions about her passions, her career and the future.

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Mike Gencarelli: At the age of 13, you played Angela in “Sleepaway Camp”, how did you get this role and did you know what you were getting yourself into?
Felissa Rose: I had a local manager and they got me an audition with Robert Hiltzik. He said he had a little horror movie he was making and needed a flat chested, 13 year old girl and there I was! I had no idea what this film was all about!!
Mike Gencarelli: What was your most memorable moment work on the film?
Felissa Rose: My most memorable moment on the film was probably meeting Katherine Kamhi because I was a huge fan of hers from All My Children.

Mike Gencarelli: You did not reprise the role of Angela in “Sleepaway Camp 2 & 3”, what was the reason you didn’t return?
Felissa Rose: I didn’t return for 2 and 3 because I decided to go to NYU and get an education. I really wanted to study acting and live with friends in NYC.

MG: You have worked extensively in the horror genre, is that your favorite genre?
FR: I think horror is my favorite genre but I love drama, thrillers and comedies a lot too.

MG: How was it to reprise the role of Angela 25 years after the original in “Return to Sleepaway Camp”, was it like stepping into old shoes?
FR: It was very surreal and exciting. I had so much fun being back at camp and being able to party with everyone.

MG: Are there any plans for another sequel and would you be involved?
FR: There are some exciting plans for a future “SC” but I can’t talk about it until Robert (Hiltzik) is ready to give the go ahead.

MG: You are not a stranger to the stage, how do you feel it differs from movies?
FR:Film and stage are completely different. With film you have all day to do one line and with stage you’re having to deliver everything on the spot. Stage gives you immediate satisfaction with an audience. Both are wonderful.

MG: If you could work with one person who would it be? and why?
FR: Wow, good question. Probably Meryl Streep because I’ve admired her for so long and I’d love to learn from her.

MG: What are your passions besides making movies?
FR: My family is my biggest passion. I love music, travel, anything on the history channel, and hanging with good friends. Suddenly I sound like I’m on e harmony. I’m really passionate about life. Anything that presents itself to me is exciting and inspiring. I live in the moment.

MG: Do you want to tell us about any upcoming films you have planned?
FR: I have “Breath of Hate” coming out from Sean Cain. Just filmed, “Poe” from Francis Xavier and I’m cast in a new remake this summer. I will also work on “The Perfect House” in June so things are busy. Very fun times right now!!

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