Blu-ray Review “UHF: 25th Anniversary Edition”

Actors: Weird Al Yankovic, Victoria Jackson, Kevin McCarthy, Michael Richards
Directors: Jay Levey
Rated: PG-13 (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Studio: Shout! Factory
Release Date: November 11, 2014
Run Time: 93 minutes

Film: 4 out of 5 stars
Blu-ray: 3 out of 5 stars
Extras: 4 out of 5 stars

Weird Al Yankovic is so hot right now after topping the charts with his newest album (for the first time ever). It is also the 25th anniversary of his cult classic film “UHF”. The film stars Weird Al Yankovic along with Michael Richards (“Seinfeld”), Kevin McCarthy (“Invasion of the Body Snatchers”), Fran Drescher (“The Nanny”), Gedde Watanabe (“Sixteen Candles”), Victoria Jackson (“Saturday Night Live”) and more! It has been many years since I have seen this film and it still holds up today and is extremely funny. If you are looking for some laughs and some great special features, be sure to pick this up!

Official Premise: A lot of TV stations have forgotten what ’quality’means. But not Channel 62. They NEVER knew what it meant. In the cult classic UHF, Weird Al Yankovic is George Newman, a daydreamer who becomes the manager of a small TV station that’s losing money as quickly as it’s losing viewers. Before long he’s programming shows like ’Stanley Spadowski’s Clubhouse, ’ ’Wheel Of Fish’ and ’Raul’s Wild Kingdom. ’ But can Channel 62’s new popularity save it from sinister forces? To find out… don’t touch that dial!

This 25th Anniversary Edition of “UHF” makes its Blu-ray debut, thanks to Shout! Factory. The 1080p transfer looks good and relatively clean. I was not a huge fan of the audio track though since it is not even a full HD track. It is basically a DVD English Stereo track. It is not terrible but I would have expected more.  There are a great deal of special features included. There is the Retrospective Panel from the San Diego Comic-Con 2014, which literally just happened a mere few months ago. There is an audio commentary track, deleted scenes, some behind-the-scenes footage, a music video, production stills and some Easter eggs included.