Interview with Sven De Caluwe

Sven “Svencho” de Caluwe is the lead vocalist for the heavy metal band Aborted. The Belgium based band is preparing to release its 7th full length studio record titled “Global Flatine”. Media Mikes had the chance to talk with Sven about the upcoming release and the tour plans for the album.

Adam Lawton: What can you tell us about the bands upcoming release titled “Global Flatline”?
Sven De Caluwe: The album is scheduled to come out in a couple weeks. We recorded the album this past summer in Denmark between festivals. I think the album is the most strenuous and variant record the band has done thus far. We are pretty excited to get the album out there.

AL: Was it hard recording between playing various festivals?
SDC: We actually did the record prior to playing. We had about two weeks of practice prior to recording. The recording process took about three weeks and right after that we were out playing shows. We made sure that our record came first and that it was completed before we did any further shows.

AL: How do think this release compares to the bands first release from 1999 titled “The Purity of Perversion”?
SDC: Compared to our first album “Global Flatline” is way more professional. With having a budget we were able to take the album once it was all recorded to Denmark and have it mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen.

AL: What type of pre-production did the band do to prepare for the recording sessions?
SDC: We did pre-production for every song accept one. There were two other songs that we didn’t have enough time to complete.We may end up finishing those tracks and putting them out later this year. Everything was pretty standard with how we normally prepare to go into the studio.

AL: Were there any major changes from the demo versions of the songs to the recorded versions?
SDC: When we were demoing songs we used programmed drums. When you bring real drums into the picture they obviously make a big difference. The songs had a much better feel and we were a lot more creative. We added a few extra harmonies and guitar parts as we had some extra time to experiment with the songs. Other than that the main structure of the songs stayed fairly the same.

AL: Are there any songs from the new record that you and the rest of the band are looking forward to playing live?
SDC: We have already started playing the title track off the album “Global Flatline”. On the upcoming tour we are planning on playing “The Origin of Disease” as well as “Expurgation Euphoria”. It’s hard choosing songs as we like them all but, we just shot a video for “The Origin of Disease” and “Global Flatline” is the first single from the album. It’s an obvious choice to play songs that have already been released ahead of time so fans are familiar with them when they come see us live.

AL: What are the tour plans for the band this year?
SDC: We are going to be touring Brazil starting in a couple months. From there we go to Europe for a tour with Decapitated. We also have a bunch of other European festivals and headlining dates booked around that time as well. In April we plan to be touring the states. All the details on that should be released soon.