SpiralArms’ Tim Narducci talks about new album “Freedom”

Tim Narducci is the vocalist/guitarist for the Bay Area band SpiralArms. The five piece melodic rock band is set to release its second album titled “Freedom” in the coming months and Media Mikes had a chance to talk with Tim about the new album as well as the formation of the band and its future plans.

Adam Lawton: Can you give us some background in on the band?
Tim Narducci: The band was formed in 2004. It was sort of a conglomeration of two Bay Area bands. I was in a band called Systematic which did a few albums under the Elektra umbrella. Craig our lead guitarist was in a band called Man Made God which was on American Records. We had known each other for a long time and basically both of our bands dissolved around 2003 and we decided to put together SpiralArms.

AL: How would you describe the band’s sound?
TN: We have kind of evolved in to more of a heavy rock sound similar to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. Our sound is a little bit more bluesy and straight ahead. We put our own stamp on that style but that’s definitely where our sound stems from.

AL: Can you give us an update on the band’s new album?
TN: We have a new record ready to go. We are thinking February for the release. We are shopping the album around to a few labels and trying to find the best one for the record. The name of the record is “Freedom” and we are itching to get it out. We self released our last album in 2010 and did some touring off of that but we are really excited for this new record.

AL: How does “Freedom” compare to your previous release?
TN: I think it is more focused. I think we really found our sound on this record. It’s much more dirty and darker. I think the guitar sounds are cooler and it’s definitely a better record.

AL: Can you tell us about the video for “Dropping Like Flies”?
TN: It’s pretty much a performance video. This is basically our first official video. We have had some things put out in the past that were ok but this time we hired someone to film/shoot it. It’s pretty raw. The video gives you a good idea about who we are.

AL: Can you tell us about the bands current tour?
TN: We are doing the “Revivalution Tour”. The bill features Zed, SpiralArms and Swerver.  We all did a show together at the beginning of the year and we felt that the energy between everyone was great. The Bay Area has been kind of over flooded with thrash metal and these 3 bands I think are doing something kind of different. We felt we wanted to take what we were doing out on the road and share it with different cities. We feel like we are an underground thing that is ready to happen. Hopefully we will shift the music scene a little bit in to what we are doing. Right now for this run of the tour we are doing mostly West coast dates. We are talking about doing some touring during the New Year that will take us a little bit further and hopefully to the East coast.

AL: What other things are you looking to do with the band in the coming months?
TN: We want to get over to Europe. We played there in 2007 and we want to go back and do some shows with bands like Spiritual Beggars and other bands in that genre. That is kind of our goal but things will start to unfold as soon as the record drops. We want to go worldwide with our sound.