Interview with Knight Area’s Mark Smit

Mark Smit is the vocalist for the Progressive Rock group Knight Area. The band has just released their 4th studio album titled “Nine Paths”. Media Mikes had a chance to chat briefly with Mark about the new album.

Adam Lawton: Can you tell us about the new album “Nine Paths”?
Mark Smit: “Nine Paths” is our fourth studio album, the title refers to an interpretation of the tarot where the cards are grouped into nine groups with one theme each. Each song on the album deals with one of the themes.

AL: How does this album differ from the bands previous releases?
MS: Previously only Gerben Klazinga composed, this time we have two compositions from the other band members. In general the song writing has become more of a group process which makes this album more than ever a product of the entire group. This has introduced some new influences, which has contributed to the richness and variety.

AL: How was it working with producer Neil Kernon?
MS: He is very professional, very friendly and open to suggestions. Neil is great to work with.

AL: What is your favorite track off the new album?
MS: I find it difficult to pick a favorite, perhaps The River because of its atmosphere.

AL: What are the bands upcoming tour plans?
MS: We will be playing some shows in Germany and hopefully more tour dates will follow.


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