Palmer Scott talks about working with Tim and Eric

Palmer Scott is known best from working on the sketch show “Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job!” and his Sit on You sketch. He also appears in the “Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie” as the Shrim God. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Palmer about his work with Tim and Eric and also his new book.

Mike Gencarelli:  Can you tell us about the origin of the Sit on You skit from “Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job!”?
Palmer Scott: I have been acting since I was 10. I did a few things before coming to California and getting representation. I got a call from my agent one night to be at this place to read for Cartoon network. I asked if it was voice over but she told me no, it was going to be live action. They wanted comedic actors doing dramatic monologues. I didn’t really have anything like that. I ended up taking a monologue from a play I had done previously and cut it down some. A day or two later they asked me if I would listen to this song and come in a little later and do a dance number for them. I had seen one or two episodes of “Tom Goes to Mayor” but I had never seen “Awesome Show”. I didn’t even know that’s what it was called then. I wasn’t sure what to do so I dressed all in black and did a few different things. Tim and Eric were there watching me and at one point Eric told me what I was doing was not sexy. They asked to try a couple things and if I had a denim shirt. I told them yes and they asked me to come back tomorrow after thinking about it over night. Tim and Eric eventually ended up busting a gut and said that what we are going to film. I had to try and remember what I did after watching myself on a tape. I showed up that day for filming and there was a bunch of people they had brought in. The idea was to go to a park for some of it but I had suggested this small area behind the studio. We ended up doing it basically in their offices. There was only one part that ended up being cut. I was worried though when I had to sit on the guys head. I didn’t want to fall or break wind on his face. I was supposed to sit on this small 14 year girl. I was so sacred I was going to fall on her and break her back. It was sort of a basement like setting and I think it wound up looking to cheesy for Tim and Eric so they cut it.

MG: Have you been surprised with the response this one skit has gotten?
PS: Good god yes! The first job I booked in California was as a guest star on “Frasier” in 1997. I have done “Nip Tuck”, a bunch of commercials as well as Shakespeare in the Park. What do I get known for? This silly little thing. I love it! In 3 months we had 700,000 hits on YouTube. Adult Swim ended up pulling it because they wanted to sell a DVD of the series. I think I would have gotten a lot more hits if the video hadn’t been pulled. There ended up being several different remake versions of the song. It has gotten a variety of responses.

MG: What has been the strangest thing they have asked you to do for the show?
PS: Tim and Eric will ask me to do things and I end up sitting back saying “What the Hell?” I will do it for them. They have been so good to me that I don’t think I could ever say no to them. I really admire what they have done and how they have treated me.

MG: Can you tell us about your role as the Shrim God?
PS: I have not seen the movie. I don’t even know what shrim is. From what I have seen I am assuming it has something to do with kids and diarrhea. They called me about a month before to see if I would do the film. I of course said yes. They ended up changing my shooting day as I guess Ray Wise who I love was there. I had to be in Palm Springs and on my way there it was lightly raining. There is a sharp interchange and I was driving a little too fast, spun out and got a flat tire. What I found out was that about 3 hrs earlier there had been an accident there and I had hit an oil slick from that. About 15 minutes after I had my accident there was another accident. I ended up having to drive the rest of the way on a donut. It was 90 miles in the rain on a donut. It was not a great start to the day. When I got there they had a costume for me. They filmed the scene with Ray and bunch of little boys dressed in burlap sacks first. I could just see where this was going. This whole time I am wandering around in a skin tight costume.

MG: What can you tell us about your upcoming book?
PS: I am a working actor. One of the biggest problems for an actor is when you do work and people take their time paying you. I have had a couple people who have waited up to 90 days to pay me for my work. That put me behind on bills. I got into a bind and ended up asking for some help. A talked with a couple writers who said they couldn’t help me financially but they thought what I had to say was pretty funny. We started putting together stories about my work and my life. I also am I cat person so there is stuff in the book about that as well as the things I have done for Tim and Eric. It’s been quite a collaboration. We were hoping to get it out for the general release of the film but it may end up coming out a week or so after that.

MG: What other things do you have going on this year?
PS: I just finished a family movie called “The Stray” that is being released in Europe this month and in the States in August. I really enjoyed playing the spooky janitor role in the film. I also will be performing in a stage performance of “A Mid-Summers Night Dream” in Semi Valley.