A Lifestyle Choice: Routine, Adventure or a Mixture of Both

As individuals, we are all faced with difficult lifestyle choices from time to time. One is the delicate issue of work and life balance, which plays a central role in determining our quality of life and long-term health. It is also hard to achieve such a balance, however, as while some become fixated by routine and their careers others neglect their professional standing and instead embark on a life of hedonism and adventure. The key is to strike a balance that delivers the most enjoyable possible life and one that includes a fulfilling career and a series of adventures into the unknown.

This is something that was touched upon recently by clothing brand the North Face and its innovative #seeforyourself campaign, which used a yellow taxi to accost everyday NYC citizens as they went about their daily business. They were presented with a simple question: would they be willing to abandon their plans for the day and take a trip into the unknown for a few hours filled with adventure, thrills and excitement? In other words, would they take a step towards breaking with routine, embracing the spontaneity of live and achieving a better work-life balance if only for a day?

As you can see from the video below, many choose to give in to their instinct and enjoy a day out at some of North America’s most spectacular outdoor resorts. A victory for the heart and soul over the mind, this was a campaign that truly challenged those who participated to question the lifestyle choices that they make on a daily basis.

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