The Top 3 Movies To Create That Romantic Atmosphere

Cinematography is an integral part of our lives. It is really hard to imagine our world without movies. Millions of couples are thankful to the cinema that made their first dates successful and gave a chance to continue their relationships. Millions of working people can’t imagine their leisure time after a long working day without watching movies on the sofa with a bucket of popcorn.

As for me, a nerdy single woman, cinema is a silent friend who always knows how to cheer me up, support and console me. Everything is simple. When I am upset and want just to be sad I watch my favorite tearjerker like ‘P.S. I Love You’ and have a good weep. When I need to get a shot of adventurism I view ‘Ocean’s 11’ (though I am not a gambler at all and have not even click on Nederlandsegokken NL website of online casino or any other site of this kind, not once) and ‘Casino’ by Martin Scorsese.

Now when Saint Valentine’s Day is coming with all its common attributes like hearts and ‘love is in the air’ songs, it really becomes stressful to outlive this holiday when you are alone (I guess, many singles know this feeling). And again I resort to the art of cinema. It comes to the rescue, shows me amazing love stories and reminds me that someday love will find me. Meanwhile, I enjoy my 3 top movies that create the appropriate romantic atmosphere in an unobtrusive way.

  1. ‘Hitch’

I never get tired of watching this movie again and again. It is my antidepressant and a source of optimism, and at the same time is a reminder that men can suffer from unanswered love or be afraid of being refused. The monologue of Alex “Hitch” Hitchens the role of which was so brilliantly played by Will Smith is the most powerful scene I like the most. In this film love wins everything and two love stories are happily ended, to my great joy.

  1. ‘Love and Basketball’

This film is a bit dramatic and make me worry about two main characters that are Quincy and Monica. The love to basketball was the first thing that united both of them. This sport was the background on which a long love story of Quincey and Monica developed. I like this movie because it shows that nothing is more precious than love and family. And if love is true, nothing can separate two loving hearts.

  1. ‘Something New’ by Sanaa Hamri

I adore this movie, and nobody will be able to convince me that ‘Something new’ is a regular melodrama. To my mind, it is a hymn to love overcoming social norms, prejudices and even our own misperceptions. And the thing here is not only in the issue of color, but also in so many frames and restrictions society puts like age, level of wealth or education. Love tramples on all conventions in this movie, and the leading characters Kenya McQueen and Brian Kelly get marry.

Vampire Stories That Are More Romantic Than Twilight

Vampires are one of the most iconic figures in the horror realm and whether they’re showing off their bloodsucking prowess on film, on TV or in literature they’ve always been the popular subject matter for many writers and filmmakers who are keen to show audiences their softer sides.

There has always been a certain alluring amorousness surrounding these vampiric figures and when fiction author Stephanie Meyer unleashed her ‘Twilight’ franchise onto the world we were introduced to a whole new level of undead loving.

But whilst fans of the series still mourn the absence of Edward and Bella in their lives you may be surprised to discover that there are still plenty of other romance-filled vampire experiences out there to have.


This popular TV series has been the perfect alternative for lovelorn teenagers ever since the demise of the ‘Twilight’ saga.

The show is now in the middle of its 8th season and still going strong. There’s plenty of action and twists and turns throughout the series which has helped keep its characters interesting and flip-flopping each and every season. At the heart of the series is a trio of characters all mixed up in an enviable love triangle which includes two brothers who just happen to be vampires. The show itself is based on the popular series of books of the same name penned by L.J. Smith.


This unique entry deals with love in a very different way and is an expertly crafted horror film where the characters and interactions are the key to the whole experience more so than the premise.

This beautiful and memorable romantic horror movie exported from Sweden has already had the US remake treatment however it’s the original that managed to expertly provide a special story of childhood romance blossoming between a young boy named Oskar and his strange nocturnal neighbour who turns out to be a bloodsucker.


This South Korean offering revolves around a Catholic priest who ends up turning into a vampire following a failed medical experiment when a potential procedure to help eradicate a known virus results in the priest receiving a transfusion of vampire blood.

There’s plenty of passion and lust on show here and it’s cleverly weaved in around the themes of vampirism. It features a love triangle between the main characters and sticks with you long after the credits roll.


Whilst fictional vampires were the perfect fodder years back in order to scare audiences they have very much become a once classic Hollywood type monster that has gone through a number of significant changes over the years.

Now even games such as Immortal Romance are being influenced by these monsters newly found romantic side. But even back in 1997 there were even complicated romantic entanglements occurring around vampires on the small screen.

In Joss Whedon’s highly influential supernatural drama series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ there was plenty of loving, especially with so much teenage angst and hormones thrown into the mix.

So when a vampire slayer falls in love with a vampire there’s bound to be plenty of moral issues raised. With such a mixed relationship things obviously don’t run as smoothly as they would hope but we won’t spoil it for you. Buffy however is a great choice for those looking to tackle a weekend of box sets.