DVD Review “Jessika Rabid”

Director: Matthew Reel
Starring: Jason Foster, Trent Haaga, Elske McCain
Rated: Unrated
Studio: Troma Entertainment
Run Time: 82 minutes

Overall Score: 1 out of 5 stars

Alright, so just from the tagline of this film you really can’t expect much…”They kept her in a cage! They raped her! They brutalized her! They made her into an animal! Now she escaped and she is biting off more than the hand that feeds her!” Well the tagline makes the film sound cooler than it is but it is honestly unwatchable. This film is a total waste of time. Read the tagline and skip this movie, that is about ask exciting as it gets here.

Well there isn’t really much to describe for the premise because there is no story at all. They basically have a girl in a cage…she is beaten and raped numerous times and then she kills everyone. Basically if you read the tagline it tells the whole story.

The bonus features include an audio commentary, which is not interesting at all. There are some behind the scenes featurettes, but they are a waste of time just like the movie. The best part of this whole disc are the trailers, which is pretty sad. I have always been a fan of Troma Entertainment but this Grindhouse film fails to entertain on any level.