Grand Entertainment Group is Proud to Announce the DVD Releases of “Rewind” & “Neverlost”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Grand Entertainment Group (GEG), a newly founded independent multi-platform content and distribution company based in Los Angeles, is proud to announce the DVD releases of “Rewind” and “Neverlost”, two independent thrillers, on August 14, 2012.

Rewind” stars Allen Leech (“The Sweeney”), Amy Huberman (UK’s “Threesome”) and new comer Sophie Brosnan.  This thriller takes you on a journey into a young woman’s past.   Karen (Huberman), a recovering addict, has settled into a successful new life with her husband and young daughter. When Karl (Leech), an old boyfriend recently released from prison, turns up unexpectedly, Karen’s buried past comes back to haunt her; and she is forced to confront a world she thought she’d escaped from, to protect her family and her future.

Neverlost”, written and directed by Chad Archibald (“Bounty Hunters”) stars Emily Alatalo (“Dead Genesis”), Ryan Barrett (“Exit Humanity”) and Jennifer Polansky (“I Hate Toronto: A Love Story”).  After losing Kate (Alatalo), his high school sweetheart, in a horrific fire, Josh Higgins’ (Barret) life tumbles into a depressing mix of insomnia and poor choices. After taking seemingly harmless sleeping pill, Josh is thrusted from his current banal existence to one that he had lost years earlier. As the walls of his own psychosis slowly start to close in around him, Josh must race to save himself, Kate and the parallel life that he vows can never again become…lost.

Both “Neverlost” and “Rewind” are available at most major retailers and on along with GEG’s first release “Zyzzyx Road”.  President/CEO David Rand stated “These are the first of many films that GEG plans on distributing.  We will be releasing at least two films per month, through 2012 and anticipate more in 2013.”

For more information on these releases and other Grand Entertainment Group DVDs can be found online at

Grand Entertainment Group (GEG), launched in early 2012, as a complete destination for programming.  With the ability to distribute DVD, digital, streaming, television and limited theatricals, Grand Entertainment gives filmmakers and their films the platform they deserve. Grand Entertainment Group is a subsidiary of Grand Distribution Group that encompasses production and distribution for diversified products, services, and technologies.  With a line-up of films slated through 2013, GEG is moving forward in a “Grand Way.”