Interview with Ace Marrero

Ace Marrero is co-starring in the new film “Madison County”, directed by Eric England. Ace has worked with Eric on three projects now and no sight of slowing down. “Madison County” is premiering at this year’s Screamfest and is going to a real breakout film. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Ace about the new film and what we can expect next.

Mike Gencarelli: How did you become involved with both acting and producing the film?
Ace Marrero: I had worked with Eric England on his college thesis film. I also worked with him on “Hostile Encounter”. Eric had been trying to get “Madison County” made and had a few different groups of investors involved at various times. After getting fed up with the way things were going Eric decided to take matters into his own hands. Eric wrote “Hostile Encounter” with me in mind to be in the film. It was done on a micro budget that was even smaller than what was budgeted for “Madison County”. We shot in Arkansas for a few days and then we did some shooting in Los Angeles as well. The DP on “Hostile Encounter” was really impressed with what Eric had done. He mentioned that he might be able to get some money together to do another film. Eric mentioned “Madison County” and after reading through the script Eric’s friend loved it and wanted to produce the film. He had one stipulation though and that was that I had to be in the film. I had also wanted to get into more of the producing side of things, so I just started helping out. I was setting up meetings and doing some other as well. Before I knew it I was a producer on the film.

MG: Can you tell us about your character in the film?
AM: I play the role of Kyle who is the brother of Brooke played by Joanna Sotomura. I go out with the group to kind of protect my sister from her ex-boyfriend. I don’t really fit in with the group so I am the outsider/protagonist.

MG: What do you think was the most challenging part for you working on the film?
AM: I would probably say juggling my roles as an actor and producer. First and for most I am an actor. I wanted to make sure I was doing a good job while at the same time keeping everything else going and making sure things were set for the next day. My producer role kind of over shadowed my acting role in the film and it made me forget a little that I also have a role in the film.

MG: How was it working with the other cast members?
AM: Nick Principe was great and we were really happy to have him be involved with the film. Eric had wanted Nick from the start to be part of the film and to play the killer. Nick also did the stunts for the film. He was great. Joanna was great as well! I have always been impressed with her work. Her part in “Madison County”, I think is really going to get her a lot of attention.

MG: Can you tell us about another film you have been working on “Roadside”?
AM: This is my third film with Eric England in 17 months. He is just a really great, young director. I think he just turned 22 or 23. Eric is incredible! The script for this film is really great. Eric actually completed it in I think a week and a half. I think it’s one of the best scripts I have ever read. I play the lead in the film and it’s an amazing role for me. This film is the type of thing I love to do. I think we are all going to take off from these films. We knocked “Madison County” out of the park but “Roadside” I feel is out of the field!