Book Review “Noodle Loves the Park” by Marion Billet

Author: Nosy Crow
Illustrator: Marion Billet
Series: Noodle
Board book: 10 pages
Publisher: Nosy Crow
Release Date: August 6, 2013

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

I absolutely LOVE the Noodle series! I was lucky enough to receive one of them over a year ago and since then they have become one of my favorite series for my daughter, who is no 16 months old. She loves reading us them to her since she was 2-3 months and now she reads them all on her own, which blows my mind. This latest book follows Noodle visiting the park and playing on the swing and watches the birds and the bees.

Official Premise: Noodle loves to go for a walk in the park to see the animals and flowers. He also loves to play at the playground! Another lovely, sturdy, interactive Noodle story that will delight the youngest of readers. These tactile tales with satisfying and simple rhymes are loved by babies, toddlers, and their parents, and boost language learning skills.

Like the past books into the series, it is a touch-and-feel board book. Marion Billet’s illustrations are impressive as always. So fresh and colorful! This series is so creative and simple yet still very entertaining. I am waiting for Nosy Crow to come out with a plush doll for Noodle because my daughter would go crazy for it….hint hint! I can’t wait to see what they have planned next for Noodle and his adventures.

Book Review “Noodle Loves to Eat”

Author: Marion Billet
Hardcover: 12 pages
Publisher: Nosy Crow
Release Date: August 1, 2011

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

If you have child then you should definitely known about Noodle.  This isn’t the first book in the series though, Noodle loves many things including cuddling, the Beach, Bedtime, and the farm. In this book we follow Noodle’s love to eat. The book is really great for babies and toddlers ages 1-3.  I really enjoyed the fact that it was extremely colorful and extremely educational.

Marion Billet really scored with these Noddle books.  Her illustrations are just so cute and the use of the touch and feel throughout the book is very smart. Whether it ranges from soft bread to smoochy cheese to bumpy peas, this book really makes eating a fun and also visual journey. I see this book coming in very handy with my daughter over the next few years as she starts learning food (and fussing food, as well). I look forward to what Marion and Nosy Crow have planned next.