Interview with Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer is starring in this summer’s “MacGruber” starring Will Forte, Kristen Wig and Ryan Phillippe. The film is directed by first-timer Jorma Taccone. Val recently sat down and answered a few questions about his role in the movie and how funny it is.

Q: How much fun did you have working with this group of people?
A: Well, when you read a script like this it is actually a little nerve wrecking because you never know. You hope the elements come together. You have a great producer, screenwriter and cast, but you never know. With this movie it is so dumb and so particularly dumb but you see stuff that is clearly great writing, great comedy. So when read it and appreciate it. It wasn’t until we got to the read-through and Will (Forte) started unleashing his MacGruber fury, did I really know that I was in for. I was a big fan of Will’s and Jorma’s (Taccone) stuff with his gang and The Lonely Island band. I think that this movie exceeded all of there expectations. There are a lot of big jokes in the movie that get lost because people are laughing from a minute ago and miss it.

Q: Was it fun to be able to see them really push the envelope from TV into film?
A: Yeah, I read the script and the only thing I had to offer was what if you weren’t familiar with the show and what we were riffing on and the writers said it wasn’t an issue and they were right. It is so extreme. MacGruber is just a buffoon from the second you see him and he just rocks from there.

Q: Tell us about who you play in the movie?
A: It is weird to be proud of something this dumb. I am the bad guy, that is all you need to know. I got the dumb hair. I have the black sort of cape-like overcoat and I have a grudge. That is all you need. I do get a good slow-motion laugh though.

Q: When you saw it with the audience in Austin, where you laughing?
A: I did laugh quite a bit, I am embarrassed to say. I felt that I haven’t laughed at something that gross since I was twelve, but there I was.

Q: Can you talk about working with Jorma (Taccone) and this being his directorial debut?
A: I wouldn’t call it working…slogging, struggling, limping maybe [laughs]. You are always concerned with a first time director but I left my head inside of the first hour. He has worked a lot with his group and he dad is a director so it is in the blood. He is really wonderful. I would like to see him to serious movies, but I am not sure he ever will. They all have enormous energy. I just love them all.


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