Katharine Isabelle talks about her role in “American Mary”

Katharine Isabelle is probably best known to fans for her role as Ginger in the cult classic “Ginger Snaps” series. Besides her role in those films she has appeared in a number of other films and television roles performing in a number of different genres. Katharine’s newest film titled “American Mary” written and directed by the Soska Sisters is a twisted tale of one med school student’s interest in underground body modification. Media Mikes had the chance to speak with Katharine recently about her role in the film.

Adam Lawton: What can you tell us about the film “American Mary” and your role as Mary Mason?
Katharine Isabelle: I play Mary Mason who is a medical student specializing in surgery who through a course of events becomes interested in the underground world of illegal body modification. Some other things start to happen and the story really takes off from there.

AL: What was it that interested you in the project?
KI: When I first read the script I figured it was just one that I was going to skim the first few pages. I started reading it on my Blackberry and ended up reading the entire 180 page script. I actually read it twice. I had never read anything like that before as it was very visual. The character was very interesting to me and it was just so well written. I am often drawn to characters who likable for no good reason. Mary has no real redeeming qualities as she’s not overly friendly to anyone. However you somehow end liking her and that’s what intrigued me.

AL: With the film revolving around medical themes and body modification did you do any research prior to the start of filming to prepare for the role?
KI: When I met Jen and Silvia Soska they were very upfront with me about not looking in to some of these modifications. However I didn’t listen and immediately regretted that decision. They would bring to me everything I need to know so that I could learn about body modification in a knowledgeable and respectful way rather than creeping around the internet and being freaked out by this or that. We were trying to portray a certain subculture in a light that they don’t know get portrayed in. We wanted to be respectful. We had a lot of help from the church of body modification and I was very happy to learn from them.

AL: What was it like working with the Soska Sisters?
KI: They are now best friends of mine. In fact we had a sleep over the other night. (Laughs) We are really good friends and I love them. They are very talented and creative people. The entire crew would bend over backwards for them. Everyone worked hard to get the film done as we all believe them. When you work with writer/directors they can be very close to the characters and have a hard time letting it go. The girls were the complete opposite of that. They gave me everything and supported me throughout the entire shoot.

AL: Having worked on several horror films now are you a fan of the horror genre?
KI: I am not a big fan of horror films. I am a bit of a chicken and have too much anxiety when I am watching other people’s horror films. So sadly I am not a huge fan of the genre. I do love working on the film but it was nothing that I sought out. Really I am not sure how I ended up in the genre. (Laughs)

AL: What other projects do you have in the works?
KI: I am doing a stint on “Being Human” and I just wrapped on a film titled “Torment” which was shot in Toronto. Being a working actor makes me a homeless, traveling gypsy so I never know what’s going to happen from one week to the next. It’s a fun adventure.