Film Review “Java Heat”

Starring: Kellan Lutzm, Mickey Rourke, Ario Bayu
Directed By: Conor Allyn
Distributed by: IFC Films
Rating: R
Running time: 103 minutes

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

Plain and simple, what drew me to “Java Heat” was the film’s stars, Kellan Lutz (“The Twilight Saga”) and Mickey Rourke (“The Wrestler”, “Iron Man 2”).  This film reunites the two actors after their roles in the film “Immortals”. “Java Heat” is a decent action thriller. The shooting locations are quite impressive as it was shot on location in Java, Indonesia. There is some impressive cinematography and it really takes you into the heart of Java.

“Java Heat” opens during the aftermath of a terrorist attack in Indonesia. The film centers around, Jake (Lutz), a reckless American who finds himself intertwined in a murder of the country’s Sultana.  While looking to take down the terrorists, he teams up with a Muslim cop (Indonesian star Ario Bayu) to stop a terrorist mastermind (Rourke).

Kellan Lutz really gets a chance to step  out from the shadow in “The Twilight Saga” and show what he is made of. He was able to take the lead in this action film and deliver. He also recently was announced as the lead role in “Hercules 3D”, so I am really looking forward to that as well.  Mickey Rourke plays himself basically with a different, not very impressive, accent. He pops in here and there as the main baddie but doesn’t really do much for the film besides lend his name. Good action, decent story. Worth checking out.