DVD Review “The Santa Incident”

Directors: Yelena Lanskaya
Actors: Greg Germann, Ione Skye
Rated: NR (Not Rated)
Studio: Vivendi Entertainment
Run Time: 88 minutes

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

There is something about Hallmark Original Movies that just work over the holiday season. The films are cheesy and the acting is decent at best but we still watch them. Some are good and others are a waste of time. This one is cute and deserves a watch. The story is not terrible and the characters are relatively likable, except for Greg Germann’s character Erickson. If you can get past him, this is a cute holiday film for the family.

The story follows what happens when Santa’s sleigh is shot down while flying through restricted military airspace. Santa lands on Earth and is rescued by two kids and takes refuge with them and there mother from two Homeland Security agents. The agents believe that Santa and his “operation” are extraterrestrial. It is up the kids and Santa’s elves to help him return to the North Pole to save Christmas before it is too late.

Hallmark Channel Original Film “The Santa Incident” Dashes Onto DVD



Ione Skye And Greg Germann Star In Hallmark Channel Original Film Dashing Onto DVD November 1 Just In Time For The Holidays  From RHI Entertainment And Vivendi Entertainment

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA – The fate of Christmas is in the hands of two secret service agents, two children and a trio of elves when the all-new Holiday film The Santa Incident arrives on DVD November 1 from RHI Entertainment and Vivendi Entertainment. Starring Ione Skye (Fever Pitch, Say Anything) and Greg Germann (“Ally McBeal,” Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby), the fun-filled family adventure is a Hallmark Channel original film and originally premiered as part of the channel’s “Countdown to Christmas” programming.

When Santa’s sleigh is mistaken for a UFO, he is marooned in a small town. Luckily rescued by two children, he tries to prepare for Christmas while stranded far from the North Pole. Desperate to make sure Christmas isn’t ruined this year, Santa must find a way to take flight by Christmas Eve. Just in time for the holidays, The Santa Incident provides fun wholesome entertainment the entire family can enjoy together. The DOVE approved DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $14.93.


After his sleigh is shot down while flying through restricted military airspace, an earthbound Santa is sought for questioning by a pair of overzealous Homeland Security agents. The fate of Christmas is now in the hands of the disbelieving by-the-book duo, unless their faith in Santa can be restored by two children and a trio of elves who have arrived from up North to help out a friend in need.