Interview with Unknown Hinson

Unknown Hinson is plays the lead of Early Cuyler in Adult Swim’s “Squidbillies”.  The show just started its sixth season and its looks like it is its best season yet.  Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Unknown Hinson about his role in the show and also his music career.

Mike Gencarelli: What do you like most about voicing the character Early Cuyler?
Unknown Hinson: As a voice actor, it is quite of a stretch for me.  I do it because it gives me a lot of freedom to improvise my lines.  I do incorporate a lot of myself into the character, which is a lot of fun. People get to know me through Early Cuyler and hopefully visa versa.

MG: How did you get involved with this show?
UH: Before the show took off, the creators got a hold of one of my CDs.  On that particular CD, there were sound clips of me talking and I guess they liked my voice.  I love cartoons and I was definitely interested. I have had a great time working on the show so far and hope to continue to.

MG: You are now into “Squidbillies” sixth season, do you feel that it has changed for you over that time?
UH: That is a good question Mike; I feel the character has evolved from season to season.  It is kind of like any character in any series, they get given a particular situation to deal with or react to.  It is really all about the days in the life of the character, one day might be good, one day might bad but you just react as it comes to you.  The main thing about cartoon characters is that they can get away with anything…obviously.  That is fascinating to me and gives me a lot of room, as I say, to be myself within the boundaries of the script.

MG: Do you ever improvise your lines during recording?
UH: Yeah, Jim Fortier and Dave Willis give me a lot of room to improvise and ad lib.  They let me put my own spin on it from time to time and I appreciate that.

MG: What has been your favorite episode of “Squidbillies” from this season?
UH: Well the season is just in process and I do not want to be partial to one particular episode.  I honestly like them all…I really do.  I do not have a favorite.

MG: How favorite episode about the show in general?
UH: I do remember an episode when Early and Lil had a litter of babies and there was one that survived.  Early took a liking to it and called it ‘Hershell Walker Cuyler Them Dawgs Is Hell Don’t They’.  I like that episode very much.

MG: You go from voice acting to musician, tell us about that side of you?
UH: Well I have been a musician all my life every since I was a little bitty boy.  That is the only profession I have ever done, it is my trade in life.  I am getting up in years but I am pretty sure I will do this till I die, I reckon. I have done for music from the show from time to time…a couple of songs. I have been able to lend some Unknown Hinson music to the show, which is a lot of fun.  I have gained a lot of new friends through “Squidbillies” and hopefully “Squidbillies” has gained friends through me.  I think one helps the other.  I enjoy playing music and doing the cartoon.

MG: Why aren’t there more musical episodes of “Squidbillies”?
UH: Well I do not know.  There is always the possibility we can do more.  The thing with me is I am always doing my thing, I have CDs to make and concerts to do.  I stay pretty busy.  But who knows may get into that more, I sure would like to.

MG: How do you find your unique sound for your music?
UH: I do not know Mike; I just write songs from my heart, sing them and play the guitar.  I record them, put them out and people seem to like it.  I am thankful to them because they come to see me play and buy my CDs. They seem to get something out of it and that is the main thing.

MG: Can we expect a new album anytime soon?
UH: Yes sir, a brand new Unknown Hinson album is due this Halloween. Yes! It will be available at and my concerts.