7 Trending Topics to Write About for Your Technology Essay

It seems that the world around us has interwoven technology in every sphere. From healthcare to education, politics to engineering, there is always a new and interesting technological development that affects our lives in one way or the other.

Your teacher or instructor will undoubtedly require you to write an essay on or related to technology at some point. You’ll have to think about an insightful topic to write about, then go about researching, gathering sources, and creating a mind map, before you embark on your writing. If writing isn’t your forte, or if you are not particularly inclined toward technology, you would do well to have professional essay writers write your paper for you.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and the first step is a great tech topic to write about. Here then, are seven fresh and insightful topics to write about for your tech essay.

  • Open-source software versus “freeware”: differentiate between these two types of license agreements

The terms “open-source software” and “freeware” are often used interchangeably. However, this usage is incorrect. Open-source software is software whose source code adheres to the license agreements under the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Amongst some of the criteria to be adhered to include that the software should be freely redistributable and that the source code can be modified into a different format and software all together.

Freeware, on the other hand, refers to software that is commercially available at no cost, but whose source code isn’t necessarily available. Your essay can highlight the major differences between these license agreements, with examples of existing software.

  • Does gaming improve or diminish a learner’s IQ?

There has been a raging debate about whether gaming can improve a learner’s IQ. Research has shown that skills such as spatial cognition, concentration, strategy, and collaboration are improved significantly in children who participate in gaming. However, research also shows that there is a 16% chance of gamers getting addicted. It not only has the potential of reducing their focus on their academic work but also slowing down other cognitive functions.

  • Debate the underlying effects of gaming on learners through an argumentative essay

Have the underlying advantages of blockchain been overtaken by mass speculation and profiteering on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin was touted as a revolution to transacting, and as a means of decentralizing currency. However, most people don’t understand why something that was touted as freedom from mass financial regulation and as a solution to free trade has been monetized and betted upon, with only the elite few having access to it.

Deliberate on the benefits of the concept of blockchain and how this can be harnessed aside from cryptocurrencies.

  • 5G: is faster transfer speeds worth the health risks?

Debate on the benefits of faster data transmission through 5G versus the inevitable health risks posed by higher frequencies of electromagnetic transmission and radiation through the new technology.

  • Has social media revolutionized product marketing completely?

Can companies survive without having some sort of social media marketing strategy in this day and age? Have influencers taken over content marketing? How can a new company without a significant marketing budget and social media following grow its reach organically in the age of social media?

How is social media marketing interwoven with e-commerce, and how are companies that have existed for decades transition to social media marketing if their products are not necessarily sellable to a millennial social media market?

  • Should Facebook be allowed to characterize users’ political leanings?

Facebook has been collecting data on its users for quite a while and selling it to advertisers. It has caused quite an uproar within the worldwide community, especially after the Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2018. Facebook characterizes users as conservative, moderate, liberal, or very conservative. While users can choose their political labels and affiliations, Facebook’s AI automatically does this based on collected data, which itself is a breach of trust. Should this feature’s AI be entirely removed and regulated?

  • Does Donald Trump’s new executive order on social media content policing increase or curtail free speech?

The president is expected to sign an executive order that all but repeals “section 230” of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, which gives companies operating online forums the right to moderate content on their platforms. Social media companies, through this act, have the right to take down content that breaches their terms. However, this is also seen by some quarters as an attack on free political speech, which doesn’t align with the leanings of these companies.

Debate on the potential effect on the repeal of Section 230 and what it would mean for political commentary on social platforms.

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