Interview wtih Amanda Detmer

Amanda Detmer is playing Bridget in new comedy TV series “Man Up!”. This show is easily one of the funniest new shows on TV this Fall. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Amanda about her role in the show and what we can expect from season one.

Mike Gencarelli: What do you like most about playing the role of Bridget in “Man Up!”?
Amanda Detmer: Bridget is funny and quick witted. Dan Fogler, who plays my ex-husband on the show, has a very similar sense of humor as me.  When you see us on the show you can totally see why they were married but at the same time you can see why they got divorced. Henry Simmons is the most serene person I have ever been around. I think he is going to win an Emmy. Every time he finishes a scene I am always laughing and he asks me why and I tell him “Because you’re so frickin funny!” Terry Polo is really great to work with and I am looking forward to our first fight on the show [laughs].

MG: You start to see some relationship drama between Kenny and Grant. Can we expect more of that throughout the season?
AD: It takes some twists and turns for sure! At first the guys aren’t really sure what to think of Grant.  He ends up being so endearing that as the season progresses you see the other guys try to get Kenny to see that Grant is not that bad. It’s total man drama! [laughs]. It’s man love gone awry.

MG: What’s it like being one of the female co-stars in a man led show?
AD: You just wait! The women will rise. The guys think it’s always about them but I am just waiting for them to realize that’s totally not the case [laughs].

MG: Will the guys getting in trouble be a common theme throughout the season?
AD: There are many situations that the guys get themselves into it. This group of actors have all done other work and had some success are still coming into the project as people you haven’t met yet in a way. Each character is so distinct and different. Chris and the team of writers are so great! They really write for the characters rather than just writing something that as actors and actresses have to make work. It’s so fun which is what it’s supposed to be.

MG: Have you had a favorite moment from shooting yet?
AD: There was a scenario that didn’t get cleared by the network where Chris Moynihan is singing to a group of women. He wrote a certain song so he could get a reaction from them. The song spelled out vagina and I was like what are you doing singing a song like that! I didn’t know that he was going to sing to this group of lesbians. (Laughs) I just lost it. There was also a great scene with my character and Kenny where you see just a glimpse of them getting along.

MG: How do you feel this show stands out from other comedies on television right now?
AD: I think we are people who get to be introduced as our characters as opposed to being known from a previous role. I think it’s hard sometimes for people to see an actor or actress outside of previously popular role and who are now playing a different role. We are sort of being introduced and we haven’t really been known to well as anyone else. The show is genuinely funny and you just can’t help but laugh. I love that I get a bird’s eye into the guy’s world.