Online Deals You May Not Know About

Do you know your way around the internet enough to snag some major bargains? There are as many techniques as there are people, human ingenuity being what it is. However, some methods are more profitable than others. Consider the fact that consumers redeem about 2 billion dollars’ worth of coupons and discounts each year when they purchase goods. That’s an incredible sum, and if you’re not getting your share, it’s time to learn how to work the system.

In addition to snagging discounts, it’s easy to take advantage of deals when you use the bargain hunting apps, figure out how to get discounts on gift cards, refinance your educational debt, learn how to get retailers to price-match any deal you find elsewhere, and more. The truth is, there are some very profitable ways to shop and do business, if you take the time to find them. Here are some of the very best.

Use Bargain Hunting Apps

Some of the newer bargain searching apps are able to sniff out hundreds of deals based on the buying preferences you input. No matter what types of goods are among your favorites, these clever little pieces of computer code can scour the net for the absolute lowest prices on goods and services in every category. Plus, you can set a bargain hunter to send suggestions directly to email or your text platform. Of course, you can always deactivate the notifications at will.

Refinance Student Loans

It’s possible to renegotiate your entire amount of student debt from the comfort of your computer chair and get a response quickly from a potential lender like Earnest. In most cases, you’ll come away with a lower interest rate, more time to pay, and lower monthly payments. In terms of great online deals, this is one of the best because you’re able to instantly increase your monthly income, often by a significant amount.

Buy Gift Cards at a Discount

Nowadays, there are hundreds of places online where you can purchase discounted gift cards. What makes this possible? People often receive cards as birthday and Christmas presents but would rather have cash. They then place the card in an online store at 5, 10, 20 percent or more off. You earn free money when you find a card for a store where you already shop.

Learn About Price Matching

You don’t even need an app for price matching deals. So many larger retailers now offer to match sale prices from other stores, all you need is proof of the competing value and you can get the same deal from your preferred seller. Proof usually means having a screen capture or actual photo of the item and its current price at the other store. Some consumers who work the price matching game consistently say they save up to 30 percent on major items like refrigerators, washers and computers.

Abandon Your Online Shopping Cart

If you want to employ a stealth technique for getting discounts, use the abandonment method. Simply add the item to your online shopping cart and shut the browser before checking out and paying. Later, you’ll likely receive emails from the seller offering discounts on the item to lure you back.

Guide to Online Coupon Codes & Perfect Keto Discount Deals

We’ve all been there.

You’re about to complete an online purchase –the shoes you’ve been eyeing, the electronic gadget that was just released, or perhaps a delivery order to fill your grumbling stomach — and you see the“Promo Code” box, or whatever the equivalent is on your site of choice.

Sometimes, you have a code handy. Perhaps it’ seven why your there in the first place. But other times, you don’t have a code, and yet, you want one.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely searched a maze of websites looking for your next code to save a few — or more — bucks. If so, you still may find some new tidbits within.

And if you haven’t been involved in the world of online couponing, well, welcome. Enjoy this Coupon Code Day site guide and start saving immediately!

The Basics

Let’s quickly touch on the basics, just to get everyone up to speed.

There are a variety of types of coupons and discounts you’ll find, from free shipping (a common one among online merchants)to percentages or dollar amounts off. You’ll learn how these types of codes are typically structured; for instance, anything with “FREESHIP” in the code will likely be free shipping, of course.

Some of the sites that you might find these codes on will spell out what they’re supposed to be fore next to the code, but other times you’ll need to use your couponing intuition.

Of course, the easiest way to find out for sure what the code is for is copying and pasting (or screen shotting the code if it isn’t able to be highlighted in your browser) directly into the form on the checkout site for your preferred merchant and be sure to hit “submit” or“apply.”

Verifying that the coupon has been accepted

In most cases it should be very clear what,exactly, your discount is, and if the code is rejected, you’ll see that communicated clearly as well.

It depends greatly on the website, but there is usually a breakdown of the pending sale that includes the dollar amount saved.If it was easy to grab your promo code and input it, consider trying a couple additional codes to see if you can find one that saves you more money.

For instance, free shipping may not always be the best deal available, especially if you have to convince yourself that you need just one more sweater or pair of jeans or whatever to meet a required minimum. (Side note: pay attention to minimums, as many sites will require you to meet a minimum subtotal of your purchase before the coupon will be applied.)

What to do if the coupon isn’t working

Well, the first thing is obviously to make sure that it was input correctly, especially if you had to type it manually from a screenshot because copying and pasting wasn’t an option.

The second thing to check is what was mentioned above: is there a minimum purchase required? If so, and if you still think you’ve met it, check and make sure that the subtotal (before tax and shipping)is an adequate amount. If you were looking at the grand total, then get back in there and find some more merchandise to hit your minimum.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of coupon sites out there, and plenty of codes that do (and do not) work.

Trial and error are your best friend here;there’s no reason to not try a bunch of codes. It can be frustrating, of course, as merchants often change their codes — for obvious reasons. But try a few different things in a few different ways and you’ll likely be rewarded.

Happy couponing!