Film Review: “Bad Moms”

Starring: Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn
Directed by: Jon Lucas and Scott Moore
Rated: R
Running time: 1 hour 41 mins
STX Entertainment

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Right before I sat down to write this review I watched Chelsea Clinton talk about her mother, Hillary, as she prepared to accept her nomination for President of the United States. Chelsea mentioned many things about the Democratic nominee, but mostly she reminded us that Hillary is, first and foremost, a mom. I hope she’s not a bad one.

Amy (Kunis) is married to a man who works when he wants and relies on her to do everything. Kids, shopping, housework…you name it, it’s her responsibility. She also works three days a week for an idiot who doesn’t appreciate her. When Amy catches her husband in the middle of a very adult on-line relationship she tosses him out the door. She also decides to do some things for herself. Enlisting the aid of fellow overburdened moms Kiki (Bell) and Carla (Hahn), the trio turn things upside down in their small, uptight community.

It makes sense that the film is directed and written by the writers of “The Hangover” because it shares a lot of that film’s DNA. Three people, mismatched at times, decide to cut loose with alcohol and dirty talk. And while the film isn’t as consistently funny as “The Hangover,” it does feature some clever scenes and strong performances by its cast, led by Kunis, who shows not only a strong comedic talent but a slight flair for the dramatic. Bell is sweetly funny as Kiki, woman who is told by her husband that she has to watch the kids because it’s “your job.” Hahn is hoot. I loved her brief work in “Anchorman” and here she is given the opportunity to cut loose. Throw in a supporting cast that ranges from Christina Applegate to Houston Texan star J.J. Watt and you have a pretty entertaining night out.