Interview with Syfy “Alphas” Warren Christie

Warren Christie is currently playing Cameron Hicks in Syfy’s “Alphas”.  The show is currently winding down its first season and is already green-lit for a second season.  This show is easily one of my favorite new shows.  Warren can also recently be seen in the spooky faux documentary “Apollo 18”.  Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Warren about “Alphas” and what we can expect from the rest of season one.

Mike Gencarelli: In “Alphas”, your character starts off as a villain to now is a fan favorite, tell us what you like most about playing Cameron Hicks?
Warren Christie: One of the best parts is where he started from. It was a lot of fun the way he was brought into the team. It was not necessarily on his own will but now because of that we have this really great progression to where he is now with the team. He is starting to be trusted by the team and starting to trust them. It has been a nice arc to play throughout the season to pla and has been a lot of fun.

MG: Your character and Nina (Laura Mennell) are heating up, what can we expect from the your guys?
WC: As far as me and Nina go, after the last episode (referring to episode 9), it has been something we have been trying to stay away from a little bit. In the last two episodes of season one, we don’t dove into it much. A lot of crazy things are going happen in those episodes and they override everything. You have two damaged people that have found themselves in these heightened situations and formed a bit of a relationship. It definitely hasn’t gone smoothly and will not go smoothly from here on out.

MG: Sounds like the finale is going to be insane, can you give us a sneak peek?
WC: I think it is going to be incredible. I felt that episodes 9, 10 and 11 are just an incredible build up. I think it takes this world that we have created in season one and cracks it wide open. At the end of the season you are left, hopefully, with your mind blown and wondering how it is going to affect the world. It sets us up for a really exciting season two, which we were green-lit for already.

MG: What has been your favorite episode in season one to shoot?
WC: I think the finale is phenomenal. As far as one that have aired, I really enjoy “Blind Spot” and it’s the concept. The thing about our show is we have to be grounded in reality. I picture the writers room where someone proposes an alpha ability and then has to prove it with science. Even if the science is not necessarily proven. The invisible alpha we had in that episode played by Rebecca Mader, they prove it through science. Once you add that to the mix and I also thought that Brent Spiner was really incredible. I think 9, 10 and 11 are my absolute favorites.

MG: This show is very unique, why do you think it stands out amongst other sci-fi shows?
WC: When you have a show that comes along like ours, people want to try and compare it to other shows. I think what we tried to do is set ourselves apart. We are not reinventing the wheel or a specific genre but we are putting our twist on it. I think that people who give us a chance will find we are different in what we are trying to do. We created this world that is so rooted in reality, we have abilities but no one is flying or shooting lasers out of their nostrils [laughs]. I think that is why people are catching on so far and of course our fans are incredible.

MG: The character development in the show is show fantastic, what is your reflection on that?
WC: You got to tip your hat to the writers. They are never going to sacrifice a story or explosions for lack of character development. I think they have done a great job and giving us characters that are so rich and textured from the beginning. In just a short 11 episodes, they have all changed and their lives have intertwined, sometimes good and sometimes bad. It has been a lot of fun. We have done so much in season one and I think we are barely scratching the surface as to where we can do with things.

MG: Congrats on being green-lit for season two, when can we expect it?
WC: I think the plan at this point is to start shooting in the new year around February or March. Like I said, the beauty of this finale and the way it was written is that I think the writers have done an incredible job of creating a mythology and creating a world. They way we leave things in the final episode really just blows it wide open. It is going to leave open and give so many possibilities and options for the second season. They are able to bring in these new interesting abilities to the table, which is what I think people are enjoying. You also see our abilities and how they are growing and changing as we are learning how to use them. Then when you sprinkle every episode when a new ability is introduced there are so many ideas that they can play with. I think we are setup in a great place. It is great to know so early that we are set for season two, it gets us excited and ready to get at it.