DVD Review “Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy- Volume 1”

Starring: Larry the Cable Guy
Episodes: 10 out of 20 episodes
Running time: 376 minutes
Original channel: History Channel

Volume 1: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Something about Larry the Cable Guy is like a car accident…you can’t look away. No matter how corny or stupid he may be, he is damn entertaining. This show is funny and is also very informative. In the series, Larry travels America as he experiences different lifestyles, jobs and hobbies. that occur “only in America”. It is sort of like “Dirty Jobs” except the hillbilly version. I really enjoyed this series and Larry the Cable Guy is a good show host.

Here is just some of the things that Larry does on this season…Larry Makes Moonshine, Larry Goes to the Swamp, Larry Shoots Guns/Larry Gets the Horns, Larry Breeds Mules, Larry Races Dogs, Larry Gits a Gator, Larry Goes Trucking, Larry Is an Astronaut, Larry Rides with the Hells Angels and Larry Deep Fries Everything.

Larry seems to make fun of all these different lifestyles, jobs or hobbies but he does really seem to enjoy them overall. What I like about this volume of episodes the most is that there are no commercials, opening or ending credits. What this means is each disc, for a total of two, is just one 2 hour and 51 minute episode. It is work well when re-watching the series and make it feel like you are watching less and just keep watching.  I look forward to volume two of this season and hopefully season two.