Blackberry Z10 – A Phone That Offers Bang For Your Bucks!

Remember that QWERTY keypad phone that not a log ago was a rage in India? Yes, we are talking about the Blackberry Phones. The phone, which was once a symbol of status quo and the most trusted device for business professionals, suddenly vanished into the oblivion. But it was only a matter of that Blackberry came back with a bang and indeed it came back with a thud taking the smartphone market by storm with the release of Blackberry Z10. The device runs on the latest Blackberry 10 OS is sure to give a tough competition to the iOS, Andorid and Windows phones. The major highlight of this phone is that Blackberry has ditched its signature QWERTY keypad and the trackpad and it has gone for a full touch screen design, which has become a fad nowadays.

Before we get into the features and hardware specifications of this amazing phone, you must know that although the phone comes loaded with a range of useful apps and many more available from the Blackberry store, it is best advised to download and install the Freecharge app. This app allows you to get quick recharge for your phone as well as allow you to pay your mobile and other home utility bills with ease. Additionally, when you pay your bills through the app you can use the freecharge discount coupons that lets you get discount each time you recharge or pay your bills.

Coming back to the features, here are some reasons why this phone will help BB regain its lost market share:

Design and Built
When you unbox the phone, the design and built of the phone will surely take you by surprise. The smart design, compact size and superior quality finish will give you feeling that you are holding a premium phone. The good thing is that Blackberry has not blindly followed the trend of producing phones with enormous screen size, instead it sports a 4.2 inch screen that is pretty decent and for browsing, watching videos and playing games. Plus, the phone snuggly fits in your palms and it is comfortable to carry in your pockets. If the design of the phone tempts you to buy it, you may buy it online but make sure that you check the best deals and offers at couponraja and you would get valuable savings on your purchase.

High Quality Screen
The LCD Screen has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels gives you sharp and crisp display output. The colours appear real and it gives you awesome viewing angles. Critics suggest that the brightness is low as compared to other premium phones but it more than makes up with a display that doesn’t cause any strain on the eye.

The phone features an 8MP rear camera that is capable of recording full HD videos. For people who love video conferencing the 2 MP front camera comes in handy. Besides the touch to focus feature helps you click picture with pin-point accuracy.

The new BB 10 OS is a compelling upgrade and offers the users an excellent alternative to the typical android phones. You can carry out your usual tasks like browsing internet, use emails, browse FB and twitter with ease.

Final Verdict
With a price tag of Rs. 43, 490/- the phone is certainly a great buy considering its amazing features.