Make Money Recording and Broadcasting What You Love Doing

Imagine waking up every day feeling happy about getting to work! Some people are lucky to have jobs they love working with. If you start asking around, however, you may see that these people are few and far in between. You’ll probably quickly realize that most people would like to work with something different from what they are spending their time working with today.

The reality for the vast majority of people in the US, is that bills need to be paid no matter the dissatisfaction with work. If you are in that situation, you should be particularly excited about reading more about how to make money doing what you love. Because no matter what your hobby is, most likely there are ways to make money out of it. You just have to be creative!

Below we will outline three hugely popular and broad areas, where for most of those successful at it, it started as a hobby and turned into a full-time job. Well, can you even call it a job if you do something you love? We hope to inspire you to stop laboring through your day in displeasure and explore ways of making money through your hobby.

Let’s explore and take a step closer to achieving that fabled American dream!


You probably heard of streaming computer games, a modern-day phenomenon where millions of people watch other people play games online. It sounds like a strange concept, right? It’s actually lots of fun and strangely addictive, the streamers interact with the audience while entertaining and playing games people know and like to play themselves.

In order to give you some inspiration in this realm, we will not mention the “typical” streamers like Summit1g or DrDisrespect. There are literally thousands of people streaming the same type of games they do and doing their best to attract audiences. Instead, we will venture out into a niche, still gaming related but not the traditional video game content. No, instead we will venture into the world of online casinos with fast-paced action and thrills. People love watching other people gamble. Fortunately for you, there are not that many online casino streamers out there as compared to how many “regular” streamers there are within any of the top 25 games on Twitch.

You probably have some questions, something along the lines of, how do I make any money doing that? Through affiliate marketing!

Simplicity and utility is a powerful combination when trying to appeal to large amounts of people with varying preferences so aim for informative and honest content.

Then you need to decide whether you should stream on Twitch or Youtube, maybe both? Then go through the typical steps of setting up your Twitch channel or Youtube channel, populate it with content about yourself and what the stream is about, and don’t forget to add casino content and link to your website. After that, you should contact the affiliate department of a couple of casinos and apply for an affiliate partnership. This is much easier than you think. If you have a website and a Twitch channel, describe your strategy in a few sentences then they’ll approve your application. Then go ahead and place affiliate links for the different accounts on your website and Twitch channel.

To sum it up:

  • Select a website platform (we recommend WordPress for flexibility and stability)
  • Purchase hosting and a domain (we recommend Namecheap)
  • Pick a WordPress theme that fits the style of your streaming and casino content
  • Read up on the most popular online casinos in the US, familiarize yourself with their policies and overall reputation to ensure you only promote honest and respected casino brands. (we recommend finding a knowledgeable source, like LiveCasinoKings)
  • Register and set up accounts on Twitch or Youtube
  • Set up your streaming studio at home (spend a few extra dollars on a good web camera and a crisp microphone)
  • Contact a couple of online casinos to get affiliate deals
  • Place your affiliate links on your website and streaming channel
  • Start streaming!

Beauty Vlogging

Where would the world of beauty be without a few lightning beacons amidst the crowds? People love to check what their favorite celebrities, influencers, and bloggers are up to. Whether it’s clothes, the makeup they’re using and how they apply it.

So if you have an interest in fashion or beauty, then it could be a great way to combine work and pleasure and turn a passion into revenue. In this article, we will cover the topic of beauty and video blogging. As with computer games and live streaming entertainment, there are lots and lots of categories and niches you could opt for. Maybe hair products, makeup, nail care or skincare. If you think about it, even after limiting yourself to skincare, for example, there is so much to write about. Your audience would still be huge. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to be even more specific in your beauty blogging. Perhaps write about sensitive skin or even skincare for skin disorders, such as rashes and eczema.

With a well-crafted website that is easy to digest, with well-structured content and nice imagery and videos, a Youtube channel, hard work and a unique spin on skincare you may well have a winning combination?

The steps of getting started with your own beauty blogging business are again very simple and straight-forward:

  • Select a website platform
  • Purchase hosting and a domain
  • Pick a beauty WordPress theme that fits your content (we recommend a visual theme, heavy on photography and imagery)
  • Installing WordPress plugins for any extra functionality to your website
  • If you don’t have a great camera on your phone we recommend that you buy a system camera (or upgrade later on for better quality photos)
  • Register and set up an account on Youtube
  • Set up your video blogging studio at home (spend a few extra dollars on a good camera and a crisp microphone)
  • Contact beauty brands to get affiliate deals (elf Cosmetics is a good start as it is a popular, yet affordable brand)
  • Look through the content the popular blogs offer in order to see what is currently most interesting for the audience, be it products, trends and more (you can draw content inspiration from established beauty bloggers, like Michelle Phan)
  • Contact beauty brands and ask if they want to use your channels for marketing their products through reviews and custom content

Social Media

Whatever you decide to do, whether it’s streaming, blogging or vlogging – make sure to leverage social media. Get on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and whichever social media platform you expect your audience to be. Get on there and push content from your website, make small social media updates and engage as much as possible with other people!