Interview with Alexandra Breckenridge

Alexandra Breckenridge plays the younger version of the character Moira, the sexy maid in FX’s hit series “American Horror Story”. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Alexandra about working on the show and what she likes most about her character.

Mike Gencarelli: How has it been playing a character that is being played by two different actresses?
Alexandra Breckenridge: I has been exciting and really great, especially for the audience who gets to experience the two different characters.  It isn’t just like a flashback scene.  Also working with Fraces Conroy has been just amazing.  She is really great.

MG: What do you like most about playing the character Moira?
AB: I get to play another side of myself and step outside of my comfort.  It has been interesting to play her because she is so extremely sexually driven because…I am not that way [laughs].

MG: I read you had to dye you hair red for the role, have you found out why yet?
AB: Nope, still haven’t found out.  The last time I saw Ryan Murphy was during the scene when I had to bite the man’s penis off in the basement.

MG: Tell us about that scene was it difficult to shoot?
AB: Well it was setup with me biting off a piece of banana.  So we had to set it up and I kept biting off a piece.  I was originally suppose to spit it out but they planned not to show it. Ultimately it was really fun…it was just a really shocking moment.

MG: The show was green-lit for season two very early, did that create any pressure during filming season one?
AB: No, not really.  I am still not sure where the show is going.  Or if “they” even know where it is going to be going. They haven’t told any of the cast yet or at least not me.

MG: Do you find it difficult having the story be very hush hush?
AB: It is a little hush hush.  That is way that most shows are they days though.  You have to sign a non-disclosure just to audition for shows…it is crazy.

MG: How do you compare working on “American Horror Story” to “True Blood”?
AB: In my opinion, I think that “American” is actually darker than “True Blood”. Production wise, I am not sure how they are really different. I mean “True Blood” is a well oiled machine at this point, they have it down well.  It is like clockwork.

MG: What has been you favorite memorable moment from filming season one so far?
AB: I mean everything is on the show is really extreme and crazy.  The fact that my grandmother watches it is horrifying.  I just kept telling her how sorry I am.  She tells me “Listen to me, you are an actress and my granddaughter and why you do those things, I know you are acting”.