Interview with Scott Bakula

Scott Bakula is one of the stars of TNT’s hit show “Men of a Certain Age” which returns this Fall for its second season. Scott is no stranger to television after starring in classic hit television series, “Quantum Leap”, “Star Trek: Enterprise” and “Chuck”. In “Men of a Certain Age”, Scott really shines in his role of Terry. Movie Mikes had a chance to chat with Scott about his work on the show and whats to come in season two.

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Mike Gencarelli: What drew you to star in “Men of a Certain Age?”
Scott Bakula: They sent me a script and told me it was for the new Ray Romano TV show. I was interested, as I’m sure everyone was, to say what Ray was going to do after “Everybody Loves Raymond.” I was really just taken by these three guys and their relationship. I thought it was unusual television…I thought it was unique television. And risky because…in the world we live in today is anybody going to tune in to watch three old guys talking about “stuff?” And happily it’s worked out. I think at the time that I came in to audition Andre’ (Braugher) was pretty close to being a done deal. I didn’t know he or Ray so I said, “let’s go see if I can get along with these guys!” We hit it off and then I went back a couple of days later and did some scenes on video, which they sent over to the network. Ray jumped in and we talked about the material. And I got the part.

MG: What has been the best part, for you, in working on this show?
SB: When the three of us are doing something together…that’s when I think the show works great. Ray came from stand up and has a unique sense of humor. He has a lot of character. And a lot of his life’s views are in the middle of this piece…in all three characters. We have a really good time working together. It’s very easy…very natural. We laugh a lot and have a really good time. That’s very unusual I think.

MG: That’s what I like about the show. The three of you guys…it’s so natural. It’s like you’re not even acting.
SB: I agree with you. And that was the hope…that’s why we all went through the audition process. I mean, you have three guys who once had their own t.v. shows. A few t.v. shows. And to put the three of us together could have been a disaster. One guy might want more of this or more of that or more attention. But we just don’t have any of that. It’s very easy and simple. And I think that shows on screen. And that’s lucky.

MG: We recently interviewed Melinda McGraw, who co-stars with you. How is it to work with her?
SB: We’ve had a really great time. You know it’s funny…we worked together 20 years ago on “Quantum Leap.” Her first t.v. show was “Quantum Leap.” And I remembered her well from that show…it was a very distinctive episode. It’s funny, because I hadn’t seen her in 20 years and the way her character is introduced is that she and I had done a commercial 20 years ago. And that commercial is now on YouTube all of a sudden…it’s done in a retro, really bad way. It’s one of those things where you know everybody is laughing at it and making fun of it. And so we reconnect that way. And in real life I hadn’t seen her in 20 years either, so it’s been a really comfortable relationship. She’s a great actress. And she fits in with the style of the show really well.

MG: What can we expect from your character, Terry, in season two?
SB: Well the big thing is that he’s working at the car dealership…and that’s a big challenge for him. Just having a regular job is a huge challenge for him. He’s trying to do a good job for his friend. He’s trying to put his life together. He does a lot of growing up this year on the show. He does a lot of growing up this year on the show. He gets into a rivalry with another employee of the dealership and it’s typical guy stuff. He gets competitive and he gets ticked off and they kind of have this rivalry. But Terry also finds out that he can be successful at something and that is a big deal to him. And now this relationship with Melinda comes along and he’s experimenting in being in a committed relationship. Of course, in the tradition of our show, there are a lot of seriously bad bumps along the way, which I don’t want to give away. It’s a rocky ride for Terry. Which is what you’d expect from a guy like him.

MG: The show is very funny, but also has a very dramatic tone. How is it to play both sides?
SB: I love it. I think any artistic endeavor…if it’s just one thing that’s not life. Life is a lot of things happening at once. Some days it’s tough and other days it’s goofy. It’s moment to moment. The things that pull you down…you just never know. And that’s what I think life is. And I think the show reflects all aspects of it. And I think that’s why people are relating to it. We’re not trying to be, “oh here comes the big drama scene,” or here comes…we’re really bouncing all over the place. With three guys in different places in their lives it also gives us great variety.

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Interview with Tanna Frederick

Tanna Frederick first came on to the scene in the 2003 independent film “Inescapable” and is one of the stars in the upcoming theatrical release of “Queen of the Lot”. MovieMovies’ recently got the chance to speak with Tanna about her upcoming release.

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Adam Lawton: Can you tell us about your new movie “Queen of the Lot”?
Tanna Frederick: “Queen of the Lot” is the sequel to 2007’s “Hollywood Dreams”, which was about a girl from Iowa who moves to LA.  The story tells about her search for fame and her journey to find it. “Queen of the Lot” is set three years later with the same characters. Margie, the main character, has had some success as a B-movie actress, and is now dealing with this sort of plague of Hollywood. She has reached somewhat of a celebrity status, and made some good pictures, but she’s at a place where she is saying to herself “why do I still feel empty and lost?”. She’s under house arrest in this film due to a couple DUI’S. Margie has new “A-list” boyfriend that is played brilliantly by Christopher Rydell, and then Margie meets her boyfriend’s brother, who is played by Noah Wyle. It is at this point when the sparks begin to fly and a love story begins.

AL: I read the cast listing, and it had your character listed under a different name for the sequel?
TF: Since the last movie Margie has changed her name to Maggie Chase, due to her managers telling her that Maggie Chase sounded more actiony. (laughs)

AL: Was it easier for you to be more comfortable in your role having worked with this cast and crew previously?
TF: Yeah, Henry Jaglom had this stable of actors that are so fun to work. Karen Black, David Proval, and Katherine Crosby, who was a real treat for me to work with. It feels like you’re surrounded by family, and there’s definitely a safety net there.

AL: Did you get more freedom with the character this time having played her previously?
TF: I felt a lot more comfortable with her. This was the first time I have reprised a character. So it was kind of interesting stepping back in and realizing that this character, even though she had changed in certain ways, was still a part of me. I had a great time with being able to do that.

AL: What was it like getting to work with David Proval and Noah Wyle?
TF: David is one of my closest friends out here. We actually just finished a play called “Just 45 minutes from Broadway.” David is a delight. We have such a great rapport. He is very committed and takes his craft very seriously. Noah was amazing to work with as well. The banter we had was very unexpected. Noah is so bright and witty. His character is very jaded in comparison to my character’s optimism, so the back and forth was really fascinating. We had really great chemistry and that doesn’t happen often, so it was a joy to work with him.

AL: Is there going to be a third edition of this series of movies?
TF: Yes, I think that there will be a Margie trilogy. We are going to keep Noah in it and see what happens maybe in another three years down the line. Everyone always asks what happened to these characters and asks for them to come back.

AL: Do you have any other upcoming projects?
TF: I am going to be going back on stage with a show in couple months, and I also have a film which is of the play I was in “Just 45 minutes to Broadway” which comes out in 2011. I have another film coming out called “Katie Q” which was directed by Ron Vignone. Outside of acting, I am involved with the non-profit organization, Safe Our Surf, which works towards keeping our oceans clean. I am also prepping to run the LA Marathon with a hope of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, so I’m pretty busy.

You can keep up with Tanna on Facebook as well as by going to her website and

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Interview with Ian Ziering

Ian Ziering is best know to all as the always scheming Steve Sanders from the television series “Beverly Hills 90210”. Movie Mikes’ Adam Lawton got a chance to talk with Ian at this years Chiller Theatre convention and got a chance to ask him about his career and his upcoming spoof movie “The Legend of Awesomest Maximus”.

Adam Lawton: Can you tell us what it was like working with such a beautiful cast on “90210”?
Ian Ziering: Any time you get to work with great people is always good and I got to work with such a great cast and they are like brothers and sisters to me.

AL: You got to work with fellow “90210” cast mate Brian Austin Green in the movie “Domino” can you tell us about that?
IZ: Anytime I get to work with a fellow cast mate from that show it’s like a double bonus. Brian’s a great guy and a fantastic actor and the fact we got to work together on a Tony Scott picture was just an incredible experience.

AL: Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming character Testiclees in “The Legend of Awesomest Maximus”?
IZ: Well it’s a spoof movie and he is the world’s greatest gladiator but his Achilles tendon is well you guess. But about six months prior to the role I had started training and conditioning and got down to around 11% body fat and I immediately booked that role and it was a great opportunity to take my shirt off when I am in the best condition of my life.

AL: You look pretty sharp right now….
IZ: Oh well thank you, I know you mean that in the gayest way (laughs) so I will take that as a compliment.

AL: OK to wrap up what’s your favorite “90210” episode?
IZ: Probably when Steve’s corvette gets stolen or when he was the pizza delivery boy and rents the Walsh house out for a porn movie production.

Interview with David Naughton

David Naughton started his career out in Dr. Pepper commercials before landing the staring role in the 80’s classic “An American Werewolf in London”. Movie Mikes’ Adam Lawton got a chance to talk with David at this years Chiller Theatre convention and got a chance to ask him about his career.

Adam Lawton: Is there any truth to the rumor that Jon Landis picked you for American Werewolf in London after seeing you in a Dr.Pepper commercial?
David Naughton: Well he was familiar with my work from that and he was an avid Diet Dr.Pepper drinker so it didn’t hurt that he knew me from those spots but I had an interview with him and this was basically the only time I had ever gotten a film based on me talking to someone just one on one

AL: I’m sure there were some painful parts about having to put the wolf makeup on?
DN: Its very claustrophobic your inside the molds while they are making the masks and its not an easy task at all. Especially at time when American Werewolf was done things like this just weren’t done and it was new. There were no actors I could call and ask Hey whats it like working with Rick Baker. Nobody knew and I certainly didn’t know what I was in for. But when I first met Rick Baker he says to me Hey I feel sorry for you which is the last thing you wanna here

AL: You were recently in the Steve Mena film “Brutal Massacre”, can you tell us what it was like working with such a great cast which included horror icons Gunnar Hanson and Ken Foree?
DN: Well my first question was “Why are we shooting in Bethlehem Pa in February?” It was one of the coldest winters in history. But it was a lot of fun especially when you get to work with a director who has written the script and is flexible when it comes to dialogue. Gunnar gave a performance that no one expected and who knew he was going to be as funny as he was then add in Gary Bedknob who is hysterical.

AL: Do you have any upcoming projects? Maybe Sasquatch At The Mall”?
DN: I have a few things going on none of which have complete financing yet  but I do have some things coming down very soon.