How much do you know about the most famous cartoon family in history?

The Simpsons. There’s no getting away from them. Having spanned more than 28 seasons and with over 600 episodes in the bag, the yellow family from Evergreen Terrace are something that many of us have grown up watching.

Whilst many people pride themselves on the knowledge they have about our companions from Springfield, a new infographic has revealed some statistics that even super fans may be unaware of.

Printing experts Toner Giant have scoured the original scripts of the famous TV series and through meticulous research, have revealed a number of interesting facts that put into perspective just how long this show has been running!

For example…

  • Homer has said his famous catchphrase “D’oh!” 1130 times
  • In real life, Maggie would now be 29 years old
  • The total word count for every script of The Simpsons comes to 1,439,970

You can take a look at more statistics like these in the infographic below…

Provided by Toner Giant

Blu-ray Review “Speed Racer: The Complete Series – Collector’s Edition”

Actors: Corinne Orr, Peter Fernandez, Jack Curtis
Language: Japanese/English
Subtitles: English
Number of discs: 26
Studio: Funimation
Release Date: November 7, 2017
Run Time: 3450 minutes

Overall Score: 3 out of 5 stars

READY SET, GO! GO! GO! I have always loved “Speed Racer” since I was young kid! The show is also probably one of the first Japanese cartoons at the time that I watched, followed closely second by “Dragon Ball” series. Have the complete series on Blu-ray is totally an awesome thing but having a huge Collector’s Edition is even better. With the show celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this Collector’s Edition will come complete with Speed Racer, Mach Go Go Go, and Mach Go Go Go: Restart in the first-ever official U.S. release of the Japanese audio.

Official Premise: Speed Racer dreams of becoming a professional racer. When meddling crooks keep him from the finish line, he finds a way to make it through. An endearing classic since 1967, Speed Racer has captivated audiences from every corner of the globe. Preserve one of the most beloved racing shows of all time and share it with generations to come.

I have to admit though, I wasn’t all happy with this release. The Collectible Speed Racer Bust comes with Sound Effects, which is cool but honestly you can barely hear it. If you are breathing loud its so slow. I think this is a fail because you could have easily juiced up the sound board a bit. Hopefully mine is just defective and they are all not like this. Second is the price, this product was original retailing for near $300 bucks, which is A LOT! Even for a collectible.

Funimation has delivers the technical specs here. The 1080p transfer is solid for the includes episodes. The aspect ratio is includes is the original 1.33:1, which is going to make fans happy. Also both the English dub and original Japanese tracks come stocked with Dolby TrueHD 2.0 track. This are impressive tracks and since, this is the first time for the US to receive the Japanese audio, it is a real treat for sure!

As mentioned above, this is set includes the complete 1967 Speed Racer Collection and the 1967 Mach Go Go Go Collection on both DVD and Blu-ray. The 1997 Mach Go Go Go Restart Collection is only featured on DVD here. Also included here is a collectible Speed Racer Key Chain and a bonus 2017 Interview with Trixie, voice actor Connie Orr. So overall, I am excited every time I walk in my office and see this bust sticking out on my shelf, so in that sense, I am one happy Speed Racer fan!

How Bad the Weinstein Scandal Is for the Film Industry

This year’s most resounding scandal was surely the one involving movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and his misconduct and inappropriate behavior (and we’ve been mild) that went on for years after years. Since the Weinstein scandal first broke out, numerous other filmmakers, actors, directors, and producers were accused of similar behavior. It is laudable for the victims of all this abuse to finally find the courage and strength to speak up and unveil the practices that have been going on for far too long in the film industry. Unfortunately, though, films – and viewers – are also hurt by the fallout of these scandals. The effects are already felt – fans have bashed Warner Bros. for not reshooting Johnny Depp’s scenes in “Fantastic Beasts 2”, for example. And it will likely also hurt some of the 10 movies to look out for in 2018.

One of the movies that have already felt the effects of the Weinstein scandal is “The Current War”, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon. Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, this Weinstein Company production has been delayed – it was originally set to be released this November but thanks to the scandal, its worldwide release date was postponed for an unspecified date in 2018. “Hotel Mumbai”, starring Dev Patel and Armie Hammer, has been presented this year to the audiences at the Berlinale and was also set to be released this year. Now it is also delayed until next year – the date has not been revealed just yet. Other Weinstein productions, like “The Man With the Iron Heart”, “Mary Magdalene”, “The Upside”, and “Paddington 2” might also feel the effects of the scandal.

Actors – and, indirectly, the movies they play in – are also affected by the Weinstein ripple effect. Among them, we find stars like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, the above-mentioned Johnny Depp, comedian Louis C.K, whose movie “I Love You Daddy” was canceled, and the list will likely grow further as time passes. At the same time, disturbing news about many more celebrities have seen the light of day. Pixar head John Lasseter has taken a leave of absence as a result of his past “missteps” and “painful” conversations. TV host Ryan Seacrest has been accused of misconduct. Actor/director Sylvester Stallone, One Tree Hill creator and showrunner Mark Schwahn, actors Tom Sizemore and Richard Dreyfuss, actor George Takei, producer Andrew Kreisberg, producer Gary Goddard, actors Steven Seagal, Jeffrey Tambor, Dustin Hoffman, producer and director Brett Ratner, and a whole list of other personalities from film, TV, radio, politics, and business have been accused of behaving in an inappropriate way at various times. And how all these will affect the film industry – and the others – is yet to be seen.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is coming to mobile!

Tencent Releasing PUBG for Mobile

On November the 27th, Tencent, the Chinese tech company announced that it will be co-developing an official mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG, by means of a partnership with the South Korean developer of the game, Bluehole.

Announcement is One Week after Tencent Won Exclusive Publishing Rights

This announcement came a week after the company revealed that it had won the exclusive publishing and distribution rights for the game in China. Tencent managed to secure both of these deals despite a previous notice from watchdogs of the Chinese media stating that PUBG and similar survival-themed games were unlikely to obtain a licence to officially be launched in China. Unlike the kind of entertainment the average online NZ casino delivers, these games are full of blood and gore, you see.

Tencent is Making Waves

Tencent is a tech giant with a portfolio which includes the most popular social network in China, WeChat, and the company briefly surpassed Facebook in terms of market value recently. It became the world’s fifth-largest publicly traded company! Thank to a number of recent acquisitions, it is also the owner of other well-liked gaming titles, with the biggest of these including League of Legends and Clash of Clans.

PUBG is the Hottest Game of 2017

PUBG has managed to sell over 20 million copies worldwide, a feat which ranks it easily as the hottest video game of this year. At its apex, the survival/shooter game had almost two million players online concurrently, a fact which saw it set a new record on Steam, the gaming platform. The idea behind the game is akin to the plot of the popular film Hunger Games. Players get parachuted onto an island, and have to scavenge for weapons. These range from frying pans through to AK-47s, and players then battle one another until only one remains.

PUBG’s Appeal will Broaden Thanks to Mobile

The game getting adapted from its PC version, which is generally the realm belonging to hard-core game players, to a mobile one will definitely work to broaden its appeal, and will no doubt see it gaining traction amongst more casual mobile players. In China, mobile games which have been adapted from PC versions have gone on to become big success recently.

Copycat Games are Becoming Available, Too

PUBG’s wild popularity has gone on to inspire a number of copycat games, with the most prominent of these being mobile titles from Xiaomi and NetEase. Tencent also has plans to launch its very own clone for mobile gadgets, even as it is working to bring the original game to smartphones.

The key differentiator of these copycat games is the way they work around the problem of censorship in China. In October of this year, the official video-copyright body for this country stated that these types of survival games run against the core socialist values of China, and that they are probably harmful to the mental health of young people. In Wildness Action, a game by NetEase, for example, red banners replete with Communist Party slogans are displayed everywhere, hanging from buildings and bridges for gamers to take in while they play.

The League of Legends offseason transfers are surprising!

LoL Tranfer News

Aphromoo has left Counter Logic Gaming, CLG, after he spent five years with them in the North American, NA, League of Legends Championship Series, or LCS. CLG have now finished their roster with signings of Biofrost and Reignover, and Splyce are rumoured to have created a roster that could well win the EU LCS!

The LoL eSports Offseason is Still Producing Startling Transfers

The transfers produced by the LoL eSports offseason are full of surprises, and full rosters are now beginning to take place. Longzhu Gaming lately announced the biggest League of Legends Korea, LCK, transfer news so far: Han Peanut Wang-ho signed from SKT.

As the rest of us enjoy the online blackjack NZ has to offer, both teams in the EU LCS and NA LCS are concluding their rosters. On paper, some of these team’s look amazing: CLG especially, appearing to have a very powerful line-up even though they have said goodbye to Zaqueri Aphromoo Black.

Second Full Roster for EU LCS Reportedly Complete

The Second full roster for the EU LCS season next year has apparently been finalised. Schalke completed the roster very early, and it appears that Splyce are now following that example. Splyce have announced their roster apart from ADC Kasper Kobbe Kobberup from Denmark who is the only confirmed roster member.

And it has recently been reported that Andrei Odoamne Pascu, Yasin Nisqy Dincer, Raymond KaSing Tsang, and Andre Xerxe Dragomir will be joining him.

Splyce Departures Confirmed

As far as the departures from Splyce are concerned, Mihael Mikyx Mehle and Chres Sencux Laursen have already been confirmed with Misfits, it is reported that Martin Wunder Hansen will be joining G2, and apparently Jonas Trashy Andersen turned down an offer made by Cloud9 because he was uncomfortable with the contract’s length.

It has been rumored that Vitality will be gaining a lot of funding, and could well be forming a super team, but there have been no reports yet as to who they will be signing. Essentially, this type of team-player transfer could be compared to the world of soccer, and it’s clear that gaming is also considered a sport now.

Plenty of Roster Moves and Transfers for NA LCS

The NA LCS has seen many transfers and roster moves in the last week, as a result of four brand-new teams having entered the scene as part of the franchising alterations.

A number of team’s have finished up their rosters, including Team Liquid and TSM, both of who look very strong. CLG also look like they will be contenders for the title.

CLG confirmed Aphromoo’s departure from the team, but there is no information regarding what the support will be doing next. The only NA LCS team he could join would be Clutch Gaming, or he could turn to streaming on a full-time basis on Twitch.

Vincent Biofrost Wang will be stepping in to replace him, joining the team from archrivals Team Solomid. CLG were famous for their bot lane of Aphromoo and Yilliang Doublelift Peng, but now their prodigies, in the form of Biofrost and Trevor Stixxay Hayes will have to team up to see if they can overcome their teachers!

Google Updated Some iPhone X Apps, But Not the Ones You Wanted

Google has released updates for its Sheets, Docs, and Slides applications on Monday, all of which now include optimisation for the iPhone X screen.

They look wonderful on the smartphone’s edge-to-edge display, using all of the available screen space that the device offers, including the notch area, the TrueDepth camera system, and the bottom area of the display as well.

Meanwhile, We’re Still Waiting for the Rest

In the meantime, we are longing for Google applications like Maps, Calendar, Gmail, and Hangouts to get optimized for the iPhone X. At this point, these apps make your $1000 bezel-less iPhone X look like the $700 iPhone 8 with bezels!

Google has updated a number of other applications for the new iPhone so far:

  • Chrome
  • YouTube
  • Google Photos
  • Assistant
  • Earth
  • Duo
  • Google+
  • Translate

This is a good list of applications, but the continuing lack of optimization for the hugely popular Maps, Calendar, and Gmail apps is strange. Luckily Google is not in charge of the online pokies NZ has to offer -who knows where we would be then?

Hopefully They Will be Optimised Sooner Rather than Later

It is not the worst thing, we know, and updates for these popular applications will likely be released soon. When optimisation for the iPhone X screen does become available, it is probably that we will get more space to use like we did for the Docs application too. For the moment, however, those of us who wish to use these unoptimised applications will be reminded what an iPhone with bezels is like, unfortunately.

Google Has Not Responded

When Google was asked about how the prioritisation of updates for its various iOS applications worked, they did not immediately respond. I guess we will have to wait and see!

In Any Case, the Pixel 2 May be Better than the iPhone X

Users who have been experimenting with the Google Pixel 2 XL are finding it difficult to convince themselves that the new iPhone X is better. While the latter gadget makes a serious case for itself when it comes to design, it really is a beautiful gadget, the price is rather off-putting.

The new Pixel 2 from Google starts at just $650, which is a whopping $350 less than the price for the iPhone X. The larger Pixel 2 XL is still only $850, which remains a better deal. They also come with a fast charger included, and iPhone X does not, even though Apple has finally added support for this feature to both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. This lets you get hours of extra battery life with just a few minutes of charging, which is incredibly useful in a pinch, and may see users stray from their loyalty to the iOS yet…

Google needs to get its act together in terms of app optimization for the iOS, and Apple needs to calm down with their pricing, in summary. The world of smartphones is changing, and fast, and these two brand-leaders need to get their acts together!

Amazing Variety of Secret Trackers in Android Apps

Researchers from the Yale Privacy Lab and Exodus Privacy, a French non profit organisation, have documented the proliferation of software intended for tracking users by means of their smartphones. They have found these trackers to be present on applications that ostensibly offer information on the weather, that allow users to use flashlights on their devices, that offer ride-sharing, and even those that promise to get you dating again! These trackers are able to collect huge amounts of information from uninformed users spending time online, and this data is then used in order to better target advertising.

Almost a Quarter of Apps Include Trackers

While this is not something you have to worry about when you enjoy online real money pokies, of course, the security researchers from Exodus managed to identify a total of 44 trackers in more than 300 applications that operate on Google’s Android system. These apps, taken collectively, have been downloaded billions of times, and the Yale Privacy Lab, from within the university’s famed law school, are looking to replicate the Exodus findings that have already made reports on 25 of these trackers available.

It’s Probably Not Just an Android Problem

The researchers from the Yale Privacy Lab have only been able to analyse Android applications so far, but it is believed that many of these trackers will also be existent on the iOS, thanks to the fact that most companies distribute apps for both platforms.

In order to locate the trackers, the Exodus researchers constructed a custom-built auditing platform for Android applications, which then searched the apps for the digital signatures known trackers distil. A signature could take the form of a telltale set of keywords, a string of bytes found inside an application file, or a mathematically-derived hash file summary.

The Pervasiveness of Tracking is Being Underscored

These findings underline the spread of tracking, which is occurring despite a system based on permissions on the Android operating system that is supposed to put users in control of the data they disseminate. They have also highlighted how a big and varied set of companies are working to enable tracking!

People are Unaware of the Scale

Sean O’Brien, a visiting fellow at the Yale Privacy Lab, stated that he thought that people were aware, to some degree, that applications like Lyft may be tracking them. He added that the fact that this app in on Android, and available on Google Play, meant that it was usually understood that Google might be tracking them, too. But, he said, he did not think that users suspected that their data was being sold, or at least distributed, by means of these trackers.

The Applications Identified with Trackers

Among the Android applications that researchers identified with trackers included:

1. Tinder
2. OkCupid
3. The Weather Channel
4. Super-Bright LED Flashlight

These four were seen to have six or seven trackers each.

5. Spotify

The digital music service embedded four trackers, including two directly from Google.

6. Uber

This app had three trackers.

7. Skype
8. Lyft
9. AccuWeather
10. Microsoft Outlook

Top 10 Bitcoin Casinos with Their Promotions

Image Credit:

Bitcoin is now available everywhere, including online casinos. As a secure and anonymous money transfer method, Bitcoin is beginning to be supported by more and more casinos. No commission, transaction times are instant, and nobody can follow you: Bitcoin is a very advantageous currency for these reasons. However, it is still not easy to find a casino that accepts Bitcoin, especially for beginners. Even if they are found, it is impossible to know how good and reliable they are. That’s why we will give a best bitcoin casino list in this article and talk about promotions. Every website in our list is licensed and trusted by prestigious institutions.

10. CloudBet

CloudBet, founded in 2013, is one of the first online casinos to support BTC. It has a collection of about 1,000 casino games. Sign up bonus for new members is extremely advantageous. The upper limit for this promotion, which is a 100% match bonus, is 5 BTC (about 12,000 USD). With every game you play and every bet you make, you earn loyalty points. If you earn 800 loyalty points, you can redeem them as 0.1 BTC to your blockchain. It takes about 1 year to win 5 coins. Since there is no wagering requirement, this is a highly advantageous offer. However, you cannot use a currency other than bitcoin.

9. BitStarz

BitStarz was founded in 2014 and is working under the license of Curacao. There are over 850 titles in their game collection, and the “provably fair” system is available for all of them. New players earn 20 free spins as soon as they become members. After that, they earn a 100% match bonus for the first four deposits they make. The upper limit of this bonus is 1 ฿ for the first and second deposit, 2 ฿ for the third deposit, and 1 BTC for the fourth deposit. In total, you can get 5 BTC and 200 free spins.


BitCasino is licensed in Curacao and was established in 2013. It offers more than 1,300 games from different developers. A match bonus is offered to new members, which means your first deposit is matched by %100. The upper limit for this offer is m ฿ 1,000 (1 BTC). However, no currency other than BTC is available. As a member of Bitcoin Foundation, this casino is one of the most reliable websites in the industry.

7. Bob Casino

This casino, named after Bob Marley, works with a Curacao license and accepts currencies outside of BTC too. Presenting Netent and Microgaming games, Bob Casino matches 100% of the first three deposits of new members. However, the upper limit of each deposit is different. You can earn 0.5 BTC for the first deposit and 1 ฿ for the second and third deposit. In addition, a total of 130 free spins are awarded.


This casino was established in 2015 and uses a Panama license. You can find games of Betsoft, Novomatic, and Play’n Go. Sign up offer is a 100% match bonus. The upper limit is set at 1.000 mBTC (1 BTC). The casino also offers users the opportunity to convert their money into BTC without a commission in an instant.

5. 1xBit

1xBit is also a sports betting website and has more than 800 games. Like many other casinos, newcomers can take advantage of a 100% match bonus (up to 1 ฿). However, in order to benefit from this promotion, you must deposit a minimum of 0.5 BTC (around 2.200 USD). It also has a wagering requirement of x40. Although the game collection is rich, the bonus conditions are a bit heavy.

4. Fortune Jack

Fortune Jack is a Bitcoin Foundation member and operates under the Curacao license. Its game collection has more than one developer, and it offers about 500 games in different categories. First-time members can benefit from the 130% match bonus and the 250 free spins promotion. The highest bonus you can earn with this campaign is 1 BTC. You also need to deposit a minimum of 0.5 BTC to benefit.

3. Betchan Casino

Betchan works under a Curacao license and is supervised by eCOGRA. It has a collection of over 400 games and offers sports betting services too. It offers a match bonus up to 0.5 BTC for each of your first four deposits (2 ฿ in total). In addition, a total of 120 free spins are awarded. You can also earn a 50% reload bonus (up to 0.5 BTC) in a slot machine every week.

2. mBit Casino

Founded in 2014, mBit is a white label casino using infrastructure. You can play more than 900 games by using BTC. The deposit bonus rate is 110%. So the money you deposit is matched with this ratio. The highest amount you can earn is 1 ฿. Everyone can benefit from this campaign, not only new members.

1. BetChain Casino

BetChain is the first casino to feature Bitcoin-based slot machines. It was founded in 2013 and uses a Curacao license. All the games in their collection support the “provably fair” system. You can deposit money using another currency and convert it to BTC. The standard welcome promotion consists of a 100% match bonus (up to 1 ฿). However, if you deposit at least 2 ฿, this limit becomes 3.75 BTC.

Film Review: Win It All

Win It All is a drama come comedy type of film written, produced and directed by Joe Swanberg. It sees Eddie Garrett, played by Jake Johnson, left with a very mysterious duffel bag by local tough guy Michael, who is heading to prison for 6-9 months. Eddie is due to be paid $10,000 on Michaels return from prison but he must put the bag to one side and forget about it. Hes not in any circumstances meant to open the bag to see whats inside it, even when temptation kicks in.

As youd expect a few days later Eddie lets temptation get the better of him and he opens the bag to discover the contents that lay inside. There are tools amongst other things but theres also cash and for a gambling addict like Eddie this is bad. He then sets about on a journey where he decides to lend himself $500 dollars to gamble with. This is against the advice of Gene, his sponsor from the addiction program that Eddie is on.

Eddie comes up trumps and not only gets the $500 back but he manages to be well in profit too. Obviously, this is the start of a downward spiral as while on such a high Eddie meets a woman who he hits it off with called Eva. While floating on the crest of a wave he decides to gamble more, especially after his success the first time around. By the end of his latest run he ends up being in debt to Michaels duffel bag by over $21,000.

With nowhere else to turn, Eddie asks his sponsor Gene for help and although at first Gene mocks Eddie and his decision to gamble so much money, he does eventually help him. Eddie starts back attending his addiction counselling program regularly and he gets a job with his brother who agrees to lend him the remaining money needed if he works hard for 6 months. This all seems great before Michael phones Eddie from prison and says hes being released early. Eddies brother Ron refuses to lend him the money as he thinks hes back gambling so there seems to be no way out.

Eventually, after losing even more money gambling, Eddie gets into a high stakes poker game through Gene as a final throw of the dice. Eddie must win or he will have to leave town and while there are huge lows, he finally comes out on top, before being rushed to hospital after clutching his chest.

Win It All is a great film out of the many films about gambling in that it shows how temptation regularly gets the better of people in everyday life. We also see how even when the chips are down so to speak, even when there seems to be no hope left, theres always a chance to turn things around. In this case Eddie seemingly lost everything and looked like he would have to leave town but that last game of poker managed to be the turning point, even though the odds were heavily stacked against him.

Prize Pack Giveaway for new mobile game, MAHJONG CRIMES

We are working with Spil Games on their new mobile game called Mahjong Crimes. and looking to giveaway a prize pack, consisting of a $20 iTunes or Google Play gift card and a Rubik’s Cube. Enter a comment below with your favorite murder mystery. Winners will be chosen at random on November 20th, 2017. One entry per person per household. Good luck!

Amsterdam — 9 November 2017: It’s one of a kind. Puzzling out classic, intriguing Mahjong leads you to expose the truth in the world’s most famous murder mystery, Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express.


Available for free on iOS and AndroidMahjong Crimes, exclusively combines the classic tile game with the lavish period settings of Agatha Christie’s great detective story.



The plot thickens


In an all-new take on one of the world’s most popular games, 250 levels of Mahjong Solitaire unlock clues as you travel through 5 different scenarios within Agatha Christie’s iconic mystery.


As you climb into your elegant compartment aboard the Orient Express, you’ll be faced with 1 of 7 inscrutable varieties of the classic tile-matching game. You may have to beat the clock to reveal a hidden clue. Or the tiles may have letters rather than Chinese characters, and matching those letters spells out an important facet of the case.


It is endlessly entertaining and is the only Mahjong game to feature an Agatha Christie murder mystery.


“It’s amazing to see Agatha Christie’s story taking shape so brilliantly in this 21st century medium,” says James Prichard, Chairman and CEO of Agatha Christie Ltd (who also happens to be the extraordinary writer’s great-grandson).


The facts of the case

•    Mahjong and Murder on the Orient Express: two timeless classics combined into a single great game

•    250 challenging levels, in 5 scenarios from Agatha Christie’s mystery

•    Power up to get ahead in the game

•    Collect unique Mahjong tile sets

•    The game stays fresh with more levels, mysteries and tile sets added regularly


Download now on App Store or Google Play.


About Spil Games:

Spil Games is a fast-growing and agile games publisher and producer, already reaching huge audiences across the web and mobile.  In the last two years, it has ramped up its mobile business to 275 million installs. This growth is mainly organic.   Many recognize Spil Games as an up-and-comer in the mobile gaming industry. For example, Nolan Bushnell, the godfather of video games, is developing his first ever mobile game with Spil Games.  The company is also seeing success with messenger games.  Its Endless Lake on Facebook’s Instant Games has reached close to 40 million unique users to date. It was one of a handful of games Facebook selected for launch and it was immediately — and remains — one of the most popular.



About Agatha Christie Limited: 

Agatha Christie Limited (ACL) has been managing the literary and media rights to Agatha Christie’s works around the world since 1955, working with the best talents in film, television, publishing, stage and on digital platforms to ensure that Christie’s work continues to reach new audiences in innovative ways and to the highest standard. The company is managed by Christie’s great grandson James Prichard.


Nintendo Switch News and Zelda Breath of the Wild Update

Owners of the Nintendo Switch are now one step closer to enjoying the release of streaming applications. After months of waiting, Nintendo Switch owners based in the United States of America can finally download the Hulu streaming application onto the device. This is hopefully the first step towards a date for YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix and BBC iPlayer. In fact, the Switch, based on a September report, is said to be locked and loaded ahead of the launch.

Nintendo Looks Likely to Overtake the Wii

Recent reports suggest that the NintendoSwitch looks set to potentially pass the Wii as far as sales are concerned. The console is on course to have outdistanced the Wii by March of 2023 according to Nomura Securities, an analyst firm.

Reports indicate that the Switch expects to have sold 23 million units over the course of the next fiscal year, and this will rise to 115.8 million by 2023. This is a notable improvement on the Wii, which has sold just over 100 million units.

The Switch is Proving Wildly Successful

Although is still just a prediction, the success of the Nintendo Switch has been incredibly successful since its launch, with some even comparing its rapid rise in terms of popularity to that of the onlinegambling casino scene back in the day.

This comes as no surprise when you take into the account the game roster, which includes the stupendous Super Mario Odyssey and zany Zelda Breath of the Wild. The former has managed to already reach sales of two million, which is astonishing when one remembers that it was only launched at the end of last month! As many as 1.1 million units have been sold in the USA, which makes Super Mario Odyssey the fastest selling Mario game to ever be released in that region.

Free Zelda Breath of the Wild Update

Zelda Breath of the Wild DLC is available now, as fans get brand-new missions and gear. The 1.3.3 update is live on Nintendo Switch, along with free DLC.

This most recent Breath of the Wild update has added an innovative new side quest and outfit to the game, and players are able to unlock Xenoblade Chronicles 2 armour by visiting three locations at night-time and searching for a crimson shooting star. When this mission is completed players will unlock the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 armour set for Link.

This update also provides support for Zelda Breath of the Wild Champions amiibo. The four Champions provide players of the game with a variety of different boosts, ranging from electricity and cold resistance to flame guard and increased swimming speed. It’s certainly not goingto be a flop, and Zelda fans are thrilled with the update.

Nintendo explained that, to assist in familiarising fans with Rex, the main character, before the game properly launches, an additional Side Quest will be made available by means of a free update, in which players can get a Rex costume for Link. The company has also revealed plans to release a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Season Pass, which will add a new Challenge Battle mode, extra items, and an original side-story.

Professional Video Gaming Hits the Big Time in China

When it comes to besieging an enemy stronghold with a combination of spells and swords, Ming Kai is a man whose talents eclipses those belonging to the people around him. The 24-year old player is one of the very best in the League of Legends game, which is one of the most popular multiplayer internet-based games in the world.

Kai Trains Every Day

Kai, who moved to Shanghai from the inland city of Wuhan to train alongside his teammates on one of China’s top LoL teams, EDwardGaming, revealed that he trains every day of the week. Generally, he will begin playing at the training centre for the eSports team, located in an office building, at around 14h00 and finish 13 hours later, although he will take breaks for food. As a member for the team for the past four years, Kai has managed to take home almost US$400 000 from the various tournaments he has taken part in, where the way he plays the game is viewed by paying spectators either onsite or online.

eSports Paying More and More

These kinds of eSports are starting to be more profitable for professional players like Kai, and Tencent Holdings and Alibaba Group Holding, two of the biggest Internet companies in China, are looking for their piece of the action too.

Tencent owns a majority stake in the League of Legends’ developer, Riot Games, and took over Finland’s Supercell last year, the makers of Clash of Clans, in a deal that totalled US$8.6 billion. Alibaba’s Alisports, meanwhile, is promoting eSports as equal to traditional sports, and are arguing that the games should feature in the Olympics. Perhaps online blackjack players can start a petition to have this king of casino games garner a spot as well?

Big eSports Tournaments Being Organised

Both Tencent and Alibaba are spending a lot of money organising tournaments in which teams like Kai’s face off inside an arena. On the 4th of November, in fact, about 40 000 fans watched the finals of the 2017 LoL World Championship unfold at the Beijing National Stadium, in which a prize pool of US$4.6 million was on the cards. Tickets for this Championship, the first of its kind to be held in China, were priced at between RMB¥280 and RMB¥1280, or US$42 to US$192, and sold out in a matter of minutes.

The Evolution of eSports in China

The PriceWaterhouseCooper advisory firm put the size of the Chinese eSports industry at an estimated US$56 million last year, making it the third largest globally, behind the USA and South Korea. PriceWaterhouseCooper sees this market increasing to around US$182 million by the year 2021. iResearch, an internet research company from China, estimates that the country’s paying eSports audience currently exceeds 170 million people.

Wilson Chow, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Practice Leader for PriceWaterhouseCooper China, has stated that the evolution of eSports is very exciting, especially the staggering speed at which it is occurring in China.

The New Mobile South Park Game Will Get You Hooked

Set some spare time aside: the new mobile game from South Park is going to be an addiction! South Park Digital Studios and Ubisoft have just released their new game, South Park: Phone Destroyer, and it is amazingly addictive.

From the outside, the game is a card-based battle game, but don’t let this put you off. What this game does better than any other one currently available is troll not only itself, but all other mobile games, and, as usual from these content creators, they do a magnificent job. It’s as good as the online casino games New Zealand has to offer. Only different!

The Story Behind South Park: Phone Destroyer

You will be playing the new kid on the South Park block, and will get caught up in a game with local children, which all of you will be playing on your phones.

The point of interest is who is the best at being on their phones, and you will be instantly added to an endless group chat with all the other children in town, but your progress gets interrupted frequently by video-calls being made by the locals.

South Park: Phone Destroyer Trolls You Too

Any progress you make playing South Park: Phone Destroyer, and the pride that inevitably accompanies this, will instantly be swept away by the game prompt telling you that you’re excellent on your smartphone, perhaps even the best phone user in the world!

Exclusive Content and Clips from the Show

South Park: Phone Destroyer is also packed with unique, exclusive content and clips from the world of the show, and you will be playing with and against variations of your favourite characters from the series.

The story for the game is that you and all the other kids are playing make-believe battles on your phones. You collect cards to battle bosses in the town of South Park, cards which are divided into a series of different classes. You will be using a variation of ranged, melee, tank, and assassin cards to battle and beat the enemies thrown at you, and each of the cards you use, and all of the foes you will be facing, will be someone from the series.

An Innovative Feature to Keep You Interested

What makes South Park: Phone Destroyer intriguing and addictive, more so than any other mobile game of this type is that once your card has been chosen and played it becomes a self-controlled ally at your side. This means that the game isn’t turn-based at all, and, once your adversaries have been deployed against your foe, you can start picking your next card, or using Power Ups, charged up on the field while your ally does its work.

All of this is fuelled by first-rate graphics as far as mobile games are concerned, making it thoroughly enjoyable to play the cards you’ve been dealt, as you watch the battles unfold on your screen.

The game is now available for free on both Android and iOS smartphones, and there are in-game purchases available on both platforms.

The Increasing Role Of Social Media In The World Of Online Casinos

Whether the business is big or small, social media networks can play a huge role in helping them develop. This is thanks to them being excellent for attracting new customers, keeping existing customers entertained and informed, marketing new products and services and providing the vital link between a business and its customer base. With billions of people regularly using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, it’s no surprise businesses such as online casino brands are taking advantage of what social media has to offer.

For a start, engaging with customers these days is huge, especially on platforms such as Facebook. People who visit online casino sites they want to feel appreciated and not only that but they want the services on offer to be kept updated with fresh content. Through social media, it’s remarkably easy to inform customers and potential customers of the latest games, services and promotions on offer. Social media also allows reactions to be gauged accurately too through the use of likes and comments; which is invaluable to any successful service. It’s the ideal link between customers, both new and existing, and the business.

So apart from social media being great for marketing purposes it’s also a great way to actually get to know the customers too. When an online casino operator knows what a large part of their fan base wants from a slot game for example, they can set about ensuring that it accurately reflects their tastes as much as possible. It reduces a lot of risk involved when bringing fresh content to the table. Knowing what somebody likes beforehand is a great advantage and social media can help make this possible.

Keeping customers happy and interested is vital in the success of any business, be it online or offline. Online casinos, Unibet being a perfect example, are renowned for having promotions on for both new and existing customers and what better way to get the message out there than through the use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? It won’t just be members who take note either as special offers such as a triple deposit bonus will spread like wildfire on social media from person to person remarkably quickly.

Social media also allows for promotions, special offers and information to be presented to people in much more engaging ways through images and videos. Online casinos often utilize these methods well in order to communicate directly to people and as they will also attract more feedback than a generic Facebook post for example, they’re great tools to ascertain what customers like and dislike.

The role of social media has never been more important, especially for highly competitive businesses, as per seen in the online casino industry. It’s vital that customers are kept happy and are regularly engaged in the right ways and the likes of Facebook and Twitter make this a whole lot easier. With social media also being a hub for accurate feedback on the latest services and products, it’s a crucial tool when it comes to delivering the fresh content that people want and need.

Product Feature “Jenga Giant JS7”

The holidays are approaching quickly and it is time to get your gifts in order! Well look no further than one of the coolest gifts someone can receive (within ages 12+). Jenga has always been fun but rather small in scale. Well, that has all changed with Jenga Giant JS7, this game definitely lives up to the name. This game is the literally the largest authentic hardwood JENGA® game you can buy and it can scale as high at FIVE FEET! Yes, five feet tall!

This game features 54 oversized, precision-crafted, high quality, smoothly polished hardwood blocks packaged within a heavy duty carry bag. The game is a little higly priced to be honest at an MSRP $169.95 but Amazon has it for less than $120, so might want to consider that angle or if not they are available on

Personally, I have always been a huge fan of Jenga and with the releases of their “Giant” product it has re-won me over as an adult now (or at least a pretend adult, lol). Note that if you do get this product to heights of five plus feet, it falls hard and if it hits your toes..OUCH! So make sure you have plenty of room to play. Get some friends/family around and get ready to have a blast!