Album Review: Godsmack “Awake” Remastered Double LP


Republic/Universal Music

2 LP

Our Score: 2.5 out of 5 Stars

As the follow up to their multi-platinum self-titled debut in 1998, Godsmack released their second full-length album titled “Greed” in 2000. The sophomore release included tracks such as “Bad Magick,” “Awake,” and “Greed” which helped further cement the band as heavy metal hit makers. The title track would go on to earn Godsmack their first Billboard #1 hit, and the track “Vampire” earned the band their first Grammy® nomination. Now for the first time you can own this monumental release on 2LP remastered vinyl in either limited-edition green color “Awake” vinyl with a special etched side or 2LP black vinyl with etched side.

The saying goes that a band has their entire life to write their debut release but only a short time there after to provide there follow up. A lot of bands aren’t able to meet the demand or what they do release pales in comparison to the previous release. For Godsmack not only did they meet those expectations they far exceeded them. From earning the band their first #1 Billboard hit along with their first Grammy nomination the track “Awake” was feature in a very prominent recruiting campaign by the U.S. Navy. Just one of those accolades would make this album worthy of a re-release and what better way to celebrate the album than to release a newly remastered version on double LP. The 2LP release is available in either limited edition green or standard black each of which contain an etched side 4 of LP 2.

Though the release wasn’t horrible I did find it to be little lacking in a few areas. Right away I found the initial sound of the album to be a bit on the thin side. Despite being newly remastered especially for this release the albums instrumentation sounded thin and lacked the bands signature low end attack. This was most noticeable when you hear the signature guitar riff to “Awake” and the rhythmic groove of “Black Magick” tracks which are both know for their drive and pronounced instrumentation. I will say where the music lacked the vocals made up for things as the came across with an evened brightness that projected nicely. I think even just a touch more low and mid’s would have made a big difference and given these tracks a unique freshness not found on the original recording. Also missing from this release was any new/additional material. Hardcore fans maybe be apt to pass on this due to the lack of any additional new, alternate or outtake material and the absence of any liner notes was also a bit of a bummer as well. You do get a cool etched 4th side of LP 2 however I would have much maybe preferred a bonus track or two over the added visuals.

Don’t get me wrong I think its very cool and deserving that you can now get “Greed” on vinyl but, I think a little more effort could have gone in to this as I tend to feel a little cheated when an album is re-released with nothing other than a fresh remaster. If you don’t already own a copy of this or need it to add to your ever growing vinyl collection don’t let me opinions solely sway you. Let yours ears be the judge as even with its noted short comings “Awake” is still at its core a good album.

Track listing:

Disc 1
Sick Of Life
Bad Magick
Goin’ Down

Disc 2
Forgive Me
The Journey


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