Comic Book Review: “Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind”

Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind” – Multiversity Comics“Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind”

Various Authors
Z2 Comics
Hardcover: 141 pages

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

40 years have passed since the release of IRON MAIDEN’s groundbreaking fourth studio album, PIECE OF MIND. Released in 1983, “Piece Of Mind” was the band’s first album to enter the U.S. Billboard Top 20, peaking at #14, achieving RIAA platinum certification in the U.S. To celebrate this classic album Iron Maiden have partnered with award-winning publisher Z2, to bring the multi-platinum album Piece of Mind to book form. “IRON MAIDEN: PIECE OF MIND”, is a love letter to fans from one of the most celebrated metal bands in music history.

Just like the album itself “Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind” the graphic novel wastes no time transporting readers into the world of all things Eddie and Iron Maiden. Starting off with an introduction titled “Piece of Mind at 40” by long time manager Rod Smallwood, the commemorative book is packed with vibrant art, testimonials from acclaimed writers, artists, actors and musicians along with newly written interpretations of each of the albums 9 signature tracks.

No matter if you are new to Iron Maiden or a long time listener the latest offering from the British metallers and Z2 comics puts a whole new spin on one of the bands most legendary release. Though there is not one seamless story line tying the book together readers instead get 9 different stories all by different writers and based on their interpretation of one specific song. To go along with each story is a bevy of new artwork which only further adds to the books overall appeal. I really enjoyed the writing of Steven Grant “Where Eagles Dare”, Sacha Gervasi “Die With Your Boots On” and Brian Posehn “Quest for Fire” along with the artwork by artists Damien Worm “Revelations” and Staz Johnson “The Trooper” but what I think I enjoyed most about the book is that it provides a nice balance of text and pictorials. Across the heavy weight, glossy 141 pages there was never too much or too little of each as page after page provided was equally enjoyable. To top things off  Maiden’s very own frontman Bruce Dickenson pens the story for “Revelations” which is very cool addition in my opinion.

If you are looking for something a little different apart from the standard remaster of an album or a brief retrospective article then “Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind” is something you will definitely want to grab. The books unique written and visual presentation adds a whole new level to the “Piece of Mind” mythos in a way unlike no other making it a great companion to the audio release.

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