Concert Review: More Than Meats the Eye Tour (Mac Sabbath, Cybertronic Spree, Playboy Man Baby)

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More Than Meats the Eye U.S. Tour

Mac Sabbath, Cybertronic Spree, Playboy Man Baby

Friday, November 3rd, 2023
Town Ballroom
Buffalo, NY

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

Mac Sabbath returned to Buffalo’s Town Ballroom on Nov. 3rd as part of their current “More Than Meats the Eye” U.S. Tour.  Joining the always entertaining Ronald Osbourne and company this time around is the Cybertronic Spree and Playboy Man Baby both of which bring their own unique mix of cheesy goodness to the tours bill.

Taking the stage first this evening were the Phoenix, AZ natives Playboy Manbaby. The quirky five piece band played a chaotic blend of devo-esque tunes which featured everything from single string guitar riffs, trumpet fills, and plenty of thick bass lines which were further accentuated by the bands singer Robbie Pfeffer whose unique attire was a site unto its own. The bands brief set started off a little slow but ended on a high note with an energetic dance party led by Pfeffer who by this point in the show had kept from the stage and was now in the middle of the floor commanding the audience like a possessed televangelist preacher as the band stormed through their closing number “Falafel Pantyhose”.

Next to take the intimate stage was the Cybertronic Spree. Hailing from the planet of Cybertron by way of Toronto, ON the members Hotrod, Arcee, Rumble, Unicron, Soundwave  and Shockwave rolled onto the stage ready to rock. From the opening chords of the “Transformers Theme Song” and on through songs like  the Weird Al classic “Dare to Be Stupid” the band sounded great and looked just as good as each member was clad in cartoon accurate robot attire that made the members look as though they had just been transported from the television. The later part of the bands ten song set included the Stan Bush song “The Touch”, and an original song titled “Wheels of Fire” from the groups recently released album “Ravage” before ending the set with a cover of Spectre General’s “Hunger”.

Closing out the evenings festivities was the fast food infused Mac Sabbath whose members consist of singer Ronald Osbourne, guitarist Slayer McCheeze, Grimalice and Dummer The Catburglar. The band would sizzle on to the stage flanked by giant demonic Ronald Osbourne heads which lit up and billowed smoke which caused an eerie haze to linger in the air. Bursting onto the stage clad in a mustard colored straight jacket was the evenings resident mad man Ronald Osbourne who after a brief moment freed himself from the binding jacket and took to center stage where he not only worked the mic in a foe British accent but also flipped burgers on a make shift grill complete with a variety of condiments. In between the Black Sabbath tinged songs “Organic Funeral”, “Sweet Beef” and “Frying Pan” the band also spread their foodie enriched wings with the songs such as “Grilled By Death”, “Love Buns” and “Bread”. The band took multiple stops in order to provide the crowd with a variety of food parody names and jokes that after awhile seemed to fall flatter then a fast food hamburger. After Mac Sabbaths initial ten song set the band now joined by two members of Cybertronic Spree returned to the stage for a sing along version of “Hallowiener Schnitzel” before closing out the evening with the song “Pair-a-Buns”.

The “More Than Meats the Eye” tour has a little something for everyone who may be looking for a night of fun music and entertaining stage antics. Yes, some of the jokes and gimmicks might come off hokey and get old pretty quickly however, the musicality of each of the bands makes up for any of the stage banter short comings making this a show worth checking out. With the tour running through mid November there are still a few opportunities to catch this show as you won’t want to pass up a good night of laughs and music.


Playboy Manbaby Setlist

1.) Chemical Reprieve
2.) Unknown
3.) Unknown
4.) Cadillac Car
5.) You Can Be a Fascist Too
6.) Falafel Pantyhose

Cybertronic Spree Setlist

1.) Run For Your Life
2.) The Transformers Theme
3.) True Survivor
4.) Dare to Be Stupid
5.) Instruments of Destruction
6.) Mortal Kombat (Techno-Syndrome 7″ Mix)
7.) The Touch
8.) Thunderstruck
9.) Wheels of Fire
10.) Hunger

Mac Sabbath Setlist

1.) Organic Funeral
2.) Sweet Beef
3.) The Lizard
4.) Grilled by Death
5.) Drive Thru the Void
6.) Bread
7.) Love Buns
8.) Supersize
9.) Chicken for the Slaves
10.) Frying Pan
11.) Hallowiener Schnitzel
12.) Pair-a-Buns

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