Robin Taylor Zander Discusses his work with Cheap Trick and his Debut Solo album “The Distance”

RTZ Unveils Dreamy Indie Debut - Nearly A Decade In The Making - With 'The Distance' (April 21 / Confidential Records) | Shore Fire Media

Robin Taylor Zander is the son of Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Robin Zander. Not only do the two share a familial bond but they are also bandmates as RTZ has been performing in a variety of roles with legendary rock group Cheap Trick since 2014. When he is not playing guitar, bass or drums with the Rockford, Illinois natives RTZ is writing and recording his own material. “The Distance” showcases not only RTZ’s talents as a solo artist (he wrote and performed very part of the album himself) but helps sets the foundation for the multi-instrumentalist to step out of the shadows of his famous father while forging his own path into the rock history books.

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