New Book Review: “Soldier: From Script to Screen”


  • Author:  Danny Stewart
  • 134 pages
  • BearManor Media


Danny Stewart really loves the film “Soldier.”  I know this because, when he learned I had never seen it, he sent me a Blu-ray of the film.  Stewart has turned his love for this film into an entertaining book that not only covers the making of the film but includes interviews with the film’s writer as well as members of the cast and crew.


A 1998 release, “Soldier” has an impressive pedigree.  The film was written by David Webb Peoples, the Academy Award nominated writer of the Oscar winning Best Picture “Unforgiven.”  The book makes a case for “Soldier” being the first in a new sub-genre’ – the Sci-Fi Western.


Also included is a look at the extensive career of star Kurt Russell as well as the critical response the film received.  It’s fun to look back at how the film was viewed 25-years ago, as well as to read the reminiscences of those interviewed.  Fans of the film will also appreciate a full listing of the cast and crew credits.


At 134 pages, the book is a quick read and it’s obvious that Stewart has a great affection for the film.  Even if you’re not a fan of “Soldier,” the behind-the-scenes stories provide an interesting look at all that goes into making a movie.

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