Lilah Fitzgerald talks “Monster High: The Movie”, her new TV series “Lucky Hank” and her debut novel!

Lilah Fitzgerald talks about her role of Ghoulia in “Monster High: The Movie”, its upcoming sequel on Paramount+, her new TV series “Lucky Hank” with Bob Odenkirk and her new debut novel, “Stars & Swashbucklers”!

MONSTER HIGH : THE MOVIE, and based on the popular fashion toy line, was such a staggering success on Paramount+ and Nickelodeon it’s spawned a sequel. The Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada native reprises her role as Ghoulia in the upcoming film. 

In addition to resurrecting ‘Ghoulia’ in 2023 and her role in “LUCKY HANK”, starring “BETTER CALL SAUL” fave Bob Odenkirk, which premieres this month on AMC, Lilah is also known for her role in The CW’s “HELLCATS”, her Leo Award winning performance in “MY NEW BEST FRIEND”, “SEVENTH SON” opposite Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore, “EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE” co-starring alongside Rachel McAdams and James Franco, and 2021’s “HONEY GIRLS” for Sony Pictures. 

‘Stars & Swashbucklers’ is Lilah’s debut novel, and the first installment in ‘The Last Montmorency Saga’. The April 4 release goes like this : Far in the future, earth has split apart into thousands of islands dangling between the stars. Privateers search for relics, artifacts, and manuscripts that were lost when the earth split, ships sail the stars like they once sailed oceans, and banished Olde Beings lurk in the Mysts between the islands. 

Welcome to the broken world. 

Stuck in steerage on the maiden voyage of the luxury airship the Halthow, sixteen-year-old Anya Marcox is determined to make her brother happy by accepting the fate their dead father used to recite to her like a prayer: average lives for average girls.But when an encounter with a dashing stranger lands Anya in the middle of a cutthroat race to find a relic that could change the fate of the islands, average is no longer an option. 

Compelled by the whispering of the stars that have always promised her something more, Anya finds herself secretly working as a privateer—and falling for her partner in crime. But her treasure hunt through the stars soon turns deadly: the nightmares are getting worse . . . and Anya is beginning to wonder if they’re more than just dreams.

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