Full Moon Features Launches “Tentacula”, an Innovative Subsidiary Creating Unique, High-end Gift and Lifestyle Items Centering Around Mysticism, Magic and Arcane Entertainment

Tentacula Reveals Its Flagship Product, “The Fortune Teller”, Available Now

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 9, 2023 – Full Moon Features (FMF) announced today the launch of Tentacula, an innovative subsidiary that designs and creates high-end, unique gift and lifestyle items centered around mysticism, magic and arcane entertainment. Celebrating the launch of the company, Tentacula revealed its flagship product, The Fortune Teller (image HERE)*, a metallic, beautifully designed and eerily sentient high-end entertainment device that taps into the mysteries of the unknown, the ether, the spirit plane. 

From the mind of trailblazing independent science fiction, horror and fantasy film producer Charles Band, the founder of venerable strange cinema brand Full Moon Features, The Fortune Teller is available now at www.TheFortuneTeller.com or on Amazon HERE.

“I’m super excited about launching Tentacula because it gives us an opportunity to create wonderfully exclusive products that are on the fringe of our cinema-specific merchandise,” said Band, FMF and Tentacula founder. “The idea behind the The Fortune Teller was to take the mysticism – and fun – of a Ouija Board or Magic 8 Ball and evolve the concept. It’s the first of many awesome and innovative products to come from Tentacula.”

With its upscale, sleek design, polished steel encasing and its gorgeous, lush velvet carrying case, The Fortune Teller retails for $90.00. Providing a direct link between the unseen world into the palm of your hand, The Fortune Teller is  an all-knowing, all-seeing slice of psychic and supernatural phenomena that provides a handsome distraction from life’s mundane day-to-day grind.

Band added, “With hundreds of answers tailored to your everyday questions and concerns about the past, present and future, The Fortune Teller creates a mood-sensing digital oracle that is both portable and a beautiful conversation piece for the home. It is the ultimate portal linking the cosmic forces that surround and bind us.”

*For entertainment purposes only


Tentacula, a subsidiary of Charles Band’s Full Moon Features, designs and creates high-end, unique gift and lifestyle items centered around mysticism, magic and arcane entertainment. 


Full Moon Features (FMF) is an entertainment studio that founded in 1989 by the undisputed master of horror movies, Charles Band, and is the successor to Band’s groundbreaking Empire Pictures Studio. Band has produced more than 360 films, original series, toys, collectibles, merchandise, and comic books, and publishes the popular horror film magazine, Delirium.

FMF owns and operates its own streaming entertainment channel called FullMoonFeatures.com, a service that offers hundreds of new, classic and obscure horror, fantasy and cult movies. The studio also has their own Amazon Prime Video channel and their films are widely available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Tubi, Google Play and Xbox One. 

Band’s films helped launch the careers of many of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Demi Moore (Parasite), Helen Hunt (Trancers) and Viggo Mortensen (Prison).

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