Album Review: Dokken “The Elektra Albums” 1983-1987

“The Elektra Albums” 1983-1987

Remastered By: Andy Pearce

5 LP or 4 CD Box Set

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Together for the first time as a collection are the million selling first four albums from one of the 80’s biggest rock bands Dokken. Fans can now own “Breaking the Chains”, “Tooth and Nail”, “Under Lock and Key” and “Back For the Attack” in newly remastered formats in either a 5 vinyl or 4 cd package. All four albums feature the classic line-up of Don Dokken (vocals), George Lynch (guitar) Jeff Pilson (bass) and “Wild” Mick Brown. Additionally, the 5 LP box set comes pressed on 180g black vinyl.

Dig out that spandex and animal print because BMG has just released Dokken “The Elektra Albums” 1983-1987 box set! Now for those of you who weren’t around during arguably one of the best decades of the last century Dokken’s Elektra years encompasses four album (three of which achieved platinum status) “Breaking the Chains”, Tooth and Nail”, “Under Lock and Key” and “Back for the Attach” and spawned such legendary tracks as “Into the Fire”, “The Hunter”, “Breaking the Chains” and the theme from “Nightmare on Elm Street 3” “Dream Warriors”. Those songs along with the others making up those albums have all been remastered by famed producer Andy Pearce (Black Sabbath, Motorhead) which makes these songs sound amazing. The collection is available in two different formats with those being a 5 LP or 4 CD set which both feature reproduction artwork and inserts just like those of the originals. For those who choose the LP set each of the five albums have been pressed on jet black, high quality 180-gram vinyl. Both sets come housed in a heavy duty dark purple box emblazoned with the classic Dokken logo. Upon first look I thought that’s all the box cover offered however when looking at it at an angle you can see different art images from the each of the included albums which I thought was cool.

Overall, I really enjoyed checking out this package. It is well constructed, and the artwork looks great on the printed on the heavy-duty sleeves. You even got reproduction inserts on some of the records as well. The 180-gram LP’s combined with the fresh remaster will certainly make audiophile’s happy given the advancement in audio production since these first were released. If you are a longtime fan of the band and bought these as they were released sadly aside from a new remaster there isn’t going to be anything you don’t already have. I think the addition of a never before released live show from this time period could have really been the piece to make this package something for everyone. That aside the package is still a quality piece which contains tons a great songs and for me that’s what counts the most.

Both LP & CD box sets include:

Breaking The Chains (1983)
1.) Breaking the Chains
2.) Seven Thunders
3.) I Can’t See You
4.) In the Middle
5.) We’re Illegal
6.) Paris
7.) Stick to Your Guns
8.) Young Girls
9.) Felony
10.) Nightrider

Tooth And Nail (1984)
1.) Without Warning
2.) Tooth and Nail
3.) Just Got Lucky
4.) Heartless Heart
5.) Don’t Close Your Eyes
6.) When Heaven Comes Down
7.) Into the Fire
8.) Bullets to Spare
9.) Alone Again
10.) Turn on the Action

Under Lock And Key (1985)
1.) Unchain the Night
2.) The Hunter
3.) In My Dreams
4.) Slippin Away
5.) Lightnin’ Strikes Again
6.) It’s Not Love
7.) Jaded Heart
8.) Don’t Lie to Me
9.) Will the Sun Rise
10.) Til the Livin’ End

Back For The Attack (1987)
1.) Kiss of Death
2.) Prisoner
3.) Night by Night
4.) Standing in the Shadows
5.) Heaven Sent
6.) Mr. Scary
7.) So Many Tears
8.) Burning Like a Flame
9.) Lost Behind the Wall
10.) Stop Fighting
11.) Cry of the Gypsy
12.) Sleepless Night
13.) Dream Warriors

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