CD Review: Nekrogoblikon “Heavy Meta”

“Heavy Meta”
Music Box
Tracks: 10

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Who is Nekrogoblikon? Where did they come from? What is goblin metal? Why write songs about goblins? Those questions and more will be answered with the release of “Heavy Meta” the 3rd full length release from Santa Barbara, CA very own Nekrogoblikon. The album is being released via Music Box and is the follow release to the bands 2013 EP titled “Power”

If you haven’t heard of Nekrogoblikon or the groups spoke person John Goblikon…Yes he is in fact a goblin then now is your time to wake up and experience the next big genre of metal music, Goblin Metal! Though not the bands first release “Heavy Meta” is the perfect blend of quirky lyrics, shredding guitars and drums fused extreme vocals and enough synth/piano textures to resurrect the late great Ray Manzarek. Tracks like the humorous “Snax & Violence” and “We Need a Gimmick” feature in your face spastic arrangements which shred through your speakers and ear drums with reckless abandonment. Tracks like “Full Body Xplosion” and “Let’s Get Fucked” featuring Andrew W.K. are more structured and intricate in their approach yet still retain the fun factor the members include in all their music.

Even if you are not a fan of the whole goblin perspective “Heavy Meta” is strong enough to stand on its own as a solid extreme metal album. Each of the members in the band excels at their perspective positions and the performances on the albums 10 tracks confirm that. Though some of the arrangements are a bit confusing it’s not enough to completely take your attention away from the fact that Nekrogoblikon and their latest release “Heavy Meta” is something you should be listening to.

Track Listing:
1.) The End of Infinity
2.) We’ve Had Enough
3.) Bring Us More
4.) Snax & Violence
5.) Atlantis
6.) We Need a Gimmick
7.) Full Body Xplosion
8.) Let’s Get Fucked (w/ Andrew W.K.)
9.) Mood Swing
10.) Nekrogoblikon

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