CD Review: Chiodos “Devil”

Drk/lght Records
Produced by: David Bottrill
Tracks: 13

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

“Devil” is the 4th and latest release from the Michigan based post hardcore band Chiodos. The release is the first for original vocalist Craig Owens who left the band in 2009 and returned to the bands lineup in 2012. “Devil” features 13 eclectic tracks which range from multi layered progressive rock to face ripping, molten metal. Produced by David Bottrill (Tool, Stone Sour) the album is the first to be released via the bands own imprint Drk/lght and will be available April 1st.

Formed in 2001 Chiodos released two albums prior to the departure of founding member/ lead vocalist Craig Owens in September of 2009. Though the band would release an album in 2010 titled “Illuminaudio” it lacked Owens signature sound. Fast forward to 2012 Owens rejoins the group and the creation of “Devils” begins. Jam packed with a variety of styles and instrumentation the album has something for everyone. Tracks such as “Why The Munster Matter” showcase the bands creativity as the track plays out like a complex puzzle of syncopated riffs and break downs. The track”Duct Tape” sounds as though it could be the haunting soundtrack of an eerie yet entertaining dream.

Though “Devil” lacked cohesiveness and is a bit schizophrenic in its approach each song is carefully crafted to give the listener the best experience possible. Whether you are a fan of the punk rock styling’s of “3:00AM “ or the laid back acoustic tinged “Looking For a Tornado” the latest offering from Chiodos could be their best offering yet.

Track Listing:
1.) U.G. Introduction
2.) We’re Talking About Practice
3.) Ole Fishlips Is Dead Now
4.) Why The Munsters Matter
5.) 3:00am
6.) Sunny Days & Hand Grenades
7.) Duct Tape
8.) Behvis Bullock
9.) Looking For A Tornado
10.) Expensive Conversation In Cheap Motels
11.) I’m Awkward & Unusual
12.) Under Your Halo
13.) I Am Everything That’s Normal

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